26 July 2007

Wheels of Dawn

Shaded by the trees, calling out to the wind, I'm lying face-down crying
I saw a version of myself I didn't even recognize
On this guitar I'm playing the melody of someone who's passed on
A star falls in the grief of someone who'll never be seen again

Please don't go, no matter how much you scream
all it will do is quietly stir these orange petals
Saved on my soft brow
I send the memories in my palm far away
An eternal farewell as I keep strumming

The heart of a child clinging to a gentle hand
The blazing wheels cast it off and continue on
On this guitar I'm playing the grief of someone who's passed on
The strings in my heart being plucked at violently

In the pure white unstained by sorrow
the orange petals stirred in a summer shadow
Even if my soft brow is lost
I'll cross over the far off, red-stained sand
The rhythm of farewell

Branded into my memories, on the ever-turning earth
there is something sprouting in remembrance

Sending off the dawn's carriage
Those orange petals are stirring somewhere even now
The peaceful daybreak I once saw
Until it is placed in my hands once more
please don't let the light go out
The wheels are turning

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