26 December 2008


«Hey, Syla how are you doing? I'm fine here, so I hope you are fine as well. You have to come to Timbala some day. I think you'll like it here.
For these days I've been here, the our shire's head family has claimed solidarity as an important issue in this new year festival. As well-informed as you are probably you'd already know about the worldwide economy crisis, don't you? So many things happened. A transport ship from Pon to Timbala was attacked by pirates. It seems like the goods are really wanted now. It seems like it is really afecting Timbala.
And then, there is this strange happening... People are getting weird kind of glowing spattergroit. Do you know what that might be? I think it may be a new virus, you know that kind of new specimen. I think there might be terrorists playing around with science and technology? I thought there was a person saying that 'We should try to make science more appealing and more fun and more like a game'. But I really don't agree, the matter is that science in a certaing level cannot be a game! That spattergroit can be really dangerous.
I'll be sent for an investigation in Pon. Maybe I'll bring a souvenir for you when we next meet.
Take care!
Happy New Year.

Thus was the letter Keering wrote to Syla several months after their parting.
Syla smiled when she finished reading the letter. She sitted by her desk and simply wrote a note.
«Keering, it's nice to hear from you. And, I feel flattered to be recognized as a well-informed girl. I should say that flattery may lead you to some gifts from me from time to time. So, this time, here it is: for 'We should try to make science more appealing and more fun and more like a game', Search Leclow.
Hoping you to bring me something interesting from Pon.
Syla was in good mood. She expected Keering to write no sooner than one year, but she felt happy for he even remembered to think of her in his journey to Pon. What she wasn't ready, was for what would come next from her relationship with Keering which happened to be an inspector from Timbala's public security office as said in a secret profile her father handed her.

24 December 2008

A pleasant trip

"Another pleasant day, Syla." -Keering greeted when they met at the usual sparring place.
"Yeah. Winter is pretty cold, but at least there is sunshine."
"Rain isn't that bad."
"Right, but then, you can't practise."
"You and your practise..."-Keering sighed. "By the way, I have a proposal for you."
"Let me hear it." -Syla answered readily.
"Well, you know that Aacreim's king is going to do some time, and he's going to visit Kiran for the last time. So, I thought it would be funny to go along."
"Is that your proposal? For us to go along?"
"Well, yeah. Not a good idea." -Keering regreted having made the proposal.
"Not at all. We shall go. I'll notice my father of that."
"Not complaining?"
"Not really. It might be fun...as you say."
Keering was sincerely suprised by Syla's reaction. But, before she could change her mind, he hurried to pack some things up for the upcoming journey.

Syla sat on the ground and stretched her arms.
"Nice day."- Syla smiled.
"You seem happy."
"Why? Can't I be happy?"
"Sure you can. It's just that you don't smile like that often."
"Hmm....So I don't smile often...maybe.-Syla seemed to be thinking loud.
"Sometimes you seem so carefree, but then you look so worried about some petty thing."
"I have my own small problems. Don't bother me with yours."
"You are so ordinary." - Keering shook his head, expecting Syla to get angry.
"I'll take that as a compliment." - Syla didn't seem to be bothered.
"Why, are you not going to yell at me or fight me?" - Keering was warmly surprised.
Syla smiled, seeming still happy. She didn't answer.
"Hey, Syla! Answer, me!"
Syla laughed.
"Are you sick?"
"Oh no. No way! With such a nice weather, how can I be sick?" - Syla was clearly acting.
"Ok, ok. What are you so happy about?"
"Keering, can't I be happy?"
"I already answered that!" - Keering was getting annoyed.
"And you were expecting me to get angry." -Syla joked. " I was only thinking that this is Aacreim king's last visit to Kiran. As this king is the least popular king, I was just wondering what kind of things may happen."
Keering seemed to be sunddenly pensive.
"Are you making another one of your completely impossible stories?"
"Not exactly. What do you think?"
"I don't know." - Keering put up a pensive expression again.
"Keering, don't hide it, okay?"- Syla asked gently.- " I know I'm always like that. I lose this time, now we are even. Can you tell me ?"
Keering looked at her deeply for a while and then, said:
"You didn't lose, did you? You only want to hear my conjectures."
"Ok, even so. Will you tell me?" - Syla asked cooly.
"I think Kiran people may throw some stones at him."
"Nothing." - Syla answered.
"Nothing?!" - Keering was astonished. - "How is that possible?"
"I also need a break once in a while, okay?"
"Fine. But you always have some thoughts."
"I think he'll have to leave Kiran earlier than he expected."
"Oh? That's really something. Why?"
"He's not popular. People don't like him. Isn't that enough to explain? Eggs and flourare too expensive...so maybe stones, as you said, and people may spit or insult him."

At the public announcement of the Aacreim's heir.
"He's pretty well for the most unpopular king." - Keering whispered to Syla.
"Oh yeah. But this isn't over yet."
As soon as Syla ended her sentence, people saw a pair of shoes flying over just to hit the panel behind the Aacreim king, very near his head.
Syla turned around and saw a delivery man taking off his trousers. Keering turned to look as well. They saw a man cover his legs with a coat, and he bended over to do something. Everyone saw his actions as if in slow motion. Then, when everyon actually realized what was he doing, his underwear had already flown towards the Aacreim king.
Keering was speechless. Syla laughed silently. The guards arrested the delivery man in time so he couldn't do anything else.
Right after the announcement, Aacreim king was forced to return to his country, though there was a visit to the military base in schedule.

"It turned out to be you the winner." -Keering sighed. - "Really, no beating you."
"Well, that guy did throw something." - Syla smiled at the memory of that moment.
"Yeah, but...underwear!! Who could have thought of that?" - Keering was amused.
"Who knows? Maybe next time you'll get closer." - Syla said. - "And please stop the winning thing. I feel uneasy about it."
"Ok...madam. Your wishes are my orders."- Keering joked.
"Keering!"- Syla acted as though she was angry.
"ok,ok. No kidding." - Keering seemed a bit sad. - "You know, Syla, I really enjoed staying here. But, I don't think there will be a next time. I have to go back."
"Back to Timbala?"
"Hmm... Ok. Write me some time if you will." - Syla seemed less bright and carefree.
"I will. Then, see you one day."
"Yeah. I'll be waiting." - Syla smiled.
"See you then. It's a promise." - Keering waved his hand and ran out of sight.

15 November 2008


Once again, something rose suspicion in Syla's mind. When her father came home, Syla mentioned that a small article in the national newspaper reported that Aidin milk will be investigated, but said nothing about her suspicions.
In the evening of the next day, Keering appeared around Syla's house.
"Hey, Syla! Long time no see, huh?"
"Hello!"-Syla greeted Keering with excessive happiness.
It was Keering's suspicion to turn on.
"What is it? You sound too enthusiastic."
"Oh? Can't I be happy to see you?"
"Well, it's just...unusual."
"As much as you paying me a visit without a reason other than just entertain yourself."
"Now you said it."-Keering smirked.
"Well, have you heard of... those news about Reyna kingdom's milk?"
"What milk?"
"Don't you tell me you haven't heard of it! It's of worldwide importance and you haven't heard of it?"
"Well, I guess I heard something about it. What then?"-Syla asked not interested at all.
"What then? What do you mean by 'what then'? You won't comment on that?"
"Hmm. You want a comment. Then, I shall give you one. It will turn out to be not only a problem of Reyna, but of most of the countries and kingdoms."-Syla looked into Keering's eyes.
Keering heard her with atention and interest and encouraged her to continue.
"There was a small article about the investigation on progress. Several 5-months children were seriously ill, and the milk of Aidin country will be investigated."
"Well, that's really some news."-Keering smirked again.
"All right, I know you already knew it. You are that kind of person that knows everything."
"No, no, no. It's fine. Just continue."
"What is there to continue?"
"Don't tell me you don't have any of those wild thoughts of yours?"
"I have my own thoughts, but can you just leave that for myself please?"
"No!"-Keering shouted.
"Oh? Why?"-it was Syla's turn to smirk.
"Syla, please. I think it's about time to stop with this kind of nonsense each time we meet."
"Really? It can't be that you gave up on your trade, cant it?"
"Syla..."-Keering sighed.-"Look, I lose. You have all those kind of curious ideas and they turn out to be true. Let's just have a normal friendship. I'm a bit fed up about this thing of challenging on solving cases."
Syla was surprised. Keering was an extremely proud person when he met her, but it seems that his personality changed quite much since then.
"Fine. But don't knock my door only when you have something to ask me. It not easy to be in this corner, drop by some time."
Keering smiled. His smile was brighter than before, Syla thought.
"As a gift of our renewed friendship, I'll give you one of my completely impossible stories."
Keering laughed and then, nodded for Syla to start.
"Let me see...We may have another kind of...Aacreim terrorism."-Syla laughed at her own thought.- "It may be again Aacreim's doing. Reyna is getting over the market crisis and Aidin is rising as a market's dominant country. With the falling of Aacreim, These are potential master countries in the world."
"So, you mean Aacreim is the most probable responsible for this?"
"Yeah. They have the means to make a small change in the product if they want, and it is not every day that the company is analysing the milk. It is a product our people believe in."
"I don't know why, but your imaginary storied makes always sense."
Syla smiled.
"Keering, I'm feeling generous. Let's spar a bit."
"Great. But don't you want to check the truth of this idea?"
"I gave you this one as a gift, so it's yours, and you deal with it. I don't care."

12 November 2008

à procura da joana (1)

Estava um dia muito bonito, mas frio.
Numa escola, estavam 2 raparigas no corredor dos cacifos a puosar os livros que já não eram precisos. Era suposto...(atenção, era apenas suposto) encontrarem-se com uma das joanas no corredor. Havia também a possibilidade de a outra joana aparecer dado que tinha dito que iria à escola nesse dia (e era tudo muito bonito, só que era apenas uma possibilidade). Como estava muito frio, uma das raparigas resolveu estender-se ao sol enquanto que esperava....(isto, até ficar realmente queimada por causa do sol). Depois de estar algum tempo ao sol, as 2 resolveram ir procurar a joana. e pelo caminho encontraram a lena primeiro. e ficaram a saber que uma das joanas não foi. e ficaram muito chateadas. e começaram a preparar uma forma de matar a joana que não foi à escola. e resolveram que a joana devia resuscitar depois de ser morta por uma das raparigas para a outra a poder matar outra vez. e foram procurar a outra joana. Como não encontraram a joana que foi às aulas, voltaram ao corredor dos cacifos, mas ela também não estavam lá. Entretanto, o intervalo já estava quase a acabar, e as 2 foram andando para a aula.

14 October 2008

它说生命(it says life)






12 August 2008

the attack

"Hey, Syla do you that there were people who wouldn't come to this year's dance festival only because of political issues?"
"Keering, whatever it may be, it's not of my concern. If they don't want to come, then, be it. It's not like we'll miss them."
The boy and the girl who spoke went outside the cottage and began practicing kendo.
One hour later, in the house.
"So, Syla, what news?" asked the girl's father.
"Nothing interesting, besides the fact that several important people stated that they are not coming for the dance festival."
"Oh, no wonder.But you know, the king from Aacreim country has already asked tickets for the modern dance performance."
"Nice."the girl answered without paying much attention.

The next day, Syla sought out Keering and talked with him about the news her father gave her.
"What do you think of this?"
"I don't know. What do you want me to think? Ok, the Aacreim king is going to attend a dance performance. It's nothing extraordinary."
"Yeah, but you see, he announced it. He is making ads about his going to attend modern dance."
"So, what's your idea? He wants to scare the artists so that they would fail the performance?"
"No. At least I hope it is not his intention.But you must admit that it would be exciting if while the modern dance artist were on stage there was the sound of a shot and then the Aacreim king dies or something like that."
"You are scary! Always thinking about death."
"Argh, it's not like I expect that to happen but it would be a nice story I think."
"Story, you say. Now you got me interested."

Several days later, the XIV worldwide dance festival began. On the 8th day of dance festival, it was the modern dance performance. In the afternoon of the same day, Keering rushed to Syla's house.
"Syla!!! You not going to believe this!"
"Keering, you are ignoring the rules. You didn't knock the door, didn't wait for me to go out and didn't check if my father was at home. And don't speak so loudly."
"Alright, I'm calm now. But, Syla, you are a genius! That story of yours, it happened!!!"
"I begin to wonder if you are a witch that make things happen. Scary..."
"Ha?" Syla seemed even more puzzled.
"The modern dance stage exploded. Fortunately, the Aacreim king is not dead but suffered injuries."
"So there was a bomb?"
"Yeah, I guess so. I'm going to investigate. Are you coming with me?"
"May be an profiting trip."
"Then we start tomorrow."

At worldwide dance festival arena.
"So the bomb was set under the stage." Syla said absently.
"We assume that the prime target is the Aacreim king, as he's the only important person that attended this specific performance."
Apart from the other inspectors, Keering talked to Syla.
"The bomb, the stage and the Aacreim king sitting on the first row. I'd expect it to be terrorists like those from Gafhen or those Kiran armed groups."
"Well, it would be common knowledge that he was going to attend the modern dance, so why didn't he check up his own safety? It's so obvious..."
"What's so obvious?"
"Think. Such an important person can't possibly ignore that he's targeted by many people."
"So, what is it that you're getting at?"
"Don't boast out there, okay?"
Syla lowered her voice so that only Keering could hear.
"It's Aacreim's own doing so that the kingdom can have an excuse to attack Gafhen and Kira and so. And they may eventually have Reyna's help for the trouble people think they caused here."
"You are going to say this to anyone besides me?"
"No, but I hope 50% of what you get when you tell everyone. I'll be going before you! Excuse me.
Saying that she turned and ran away.

Days later, all the Reyna kingdom newspapers were filled with the autoinflicted bomb attack by Aacreim.
"Aacreim didn't admit it was their doing."- said Keering while sitting on the ground in front of Syla's house.
"I don't care. Their name is already stained even though there's no evidence."
"You really don't care about others, do you?"
"Well...Definitely no."

A Georgina Newberry recipe

Take: one supermodel, one arabian prince and an editorial team of a fashion magazine.

Stir together in a bowl of Russian Mafia intrigue.
Cook slowly under the desert sun.
Scatter with emeralds.
Serve hot.

"Dare they fight their way to freedom and a different way of life?"

-«Sand and Slingbacks», by Georgina Newberry. Warner Books.

18 May 2008

The Earthquake

In the kingdom of Reyna, people were buzzing around with the preparations for the XIV worldwide dance festival. Then, when no one were expecting anything special to happen, a tornado went through a neighbour country, and caused the kingdom of Reyna some disturbance on the frontiers. But, the disturbance has not ended when an earthquake shook the entire country. Thousands of people were killed, even more people are injured and still missing.
In a small corner of that kingdom, lives an ordinary family with nothing to be proud of.
"I wonder what is happening to this country. Why is it so unlucky?" said a girl seeming unhappy.
"It seems the nature is testing Reyna's economy." the father answered.
"Precisely in the year we are holding the worldwide dance festival! All the prosperity it would bring is going to be used to restore what was destroyed by this."
The girl hesitated.
"First, the snow in the South, then, the tornado and now, this earthquake. Is this the great idea of a joke, or is someone trying to mess with the festival?"
The girl's father didn't hear her.

Five days later, the girls decided to publish her thoughts on a small newspaper that usually goes unnoticed for many. Then, things changed suddenly.
The Royal guard was everywhere, searching from house to house trying to find something.

When the third day of search was about to end, a handsome boy appeared in front of the girl's house. The girl saw him immediately and got scared. He was handsome but he was bringing a huge sword.
"I got lost...Can I ask for some shelter and food?"
The girl's father was not home, and she felt insecure about letting that a bearer of such big sword. 'Isn't someone like that capable of living by himself?' But, she thought that it may be too suspicious of her not letting a lost person in. So she opened the door.
"Good evening, I'm Keering." said the boy sitting down.
"In what can I help you?"
"I was requested to come here by someone called Innya. She lives at Tomb village number seventy-three. Do you know how can I get there?"
"This is faraway from Tomb village. Are you sure you did not get the wrong way?"
"Well, maybe that's why I got lost..."
The girl was pensive. Tomb village was the epicentre of the earthquake.
"May I ask why are you going there?"
"It seems that there is some misterious circumstances concerning the recent earthquake in Reyna kingdom."
"Are you not from Reyna?"
"No. I'm from Timbala."
"Alright. Stay here for tonight then."
The girl's father did not return that night, and the next morning there was a message waiting for her.
«I'm currently in some business in which I can be of help. Please don't worry. Father.»
"Hey, Keering, what exactly are those misterious circumstances you mentioned yesterday?"
"I'll know when I reach the place."
"Then, I'll go with you." she said.
Keering looked surprised, but then, he smiled.
"Maybe I should expect nothing less from a girl that actually started this rush of events."
"Are you not Syla, the one who wrote a pitiful little story about the earthquake on?"
"So, after all you were not lost at all." Syla smiled maliciously.
"Shall we go then?"
"Not yet."
Syla went in, and came back with a rucksack.
"Now, journey starts."

Three days later, they arrived at Tomb village. Immediately, a woman came to meet them.
"You are Keering the one I requested, right?"
"Yes, madam."
"You know about the rumors of the earthquake being an artificial occurence."
"Sure, and I'd like to know how exactly you want me to search the culprit."
They went to the 90km long fault. Both Keering and Syla examined the fault in detail. When they finally finished, it was lunch time.
"Shall we have lunch together?" Keering asked Syla.
"Not really, I'm planning going home."
"So quickly?" Keering smelled a rat.
He seized Syla's right arm and asked in a low voice.
"Would you tell me?"
Syla looked at him with no expression at all on her face. But Keering continued.
"Sunset at the fault."
When sun was about to set, Syla finally decided to go meet Keering.
"What is it that you want me to tell you?"
"Well, you have come to conclusion right? I want to hear it."
"Wasn't it supposed to be your JOB?"
"Hey, what have I done to you? Don't be mean to me!-Keering pretended to be protesting."
"I'm not that stupid. I don't like to make hasty conclusions."
"Maybe you don't like that, but I'm used to make them myself. In this case I think it is doing of Talahan county's people. They are the ones that have more to gain with Reyna's misfortune. They are the ones that wanted independence, so it makes sense."
"I don't think so. Talahan county is a part of this kingdom, and the people there are pitiful. They can be wishing independence but that won't possibly bring them a better life. I think they are not fool enough to do such a horrid thing to Reyna. That lamentably small fault is obviously man-made, and the fault plane is also weird. My guess is that this is the doing of some powerful kingdom that fear the rise of ours. And I think that at least one of the Royal guards is an accomplice, and I'm almost sure Innya was the one that suggested the action."
"It's completely fairy and astounding, but makes sense."
"And what country do you think is the one behind this?"
"Are you sure you want to hear my guess?"
"But of course!"
Keering was suprised at first, but a second later, he unsheathed his large sword. But Syla was prepared for that. She took a step backward and took out a dagger and threw it towards Keering. Then, she took out another dagger and when Keering was dodging the one she threw, she reached him and pretended to cut his throat.
"You win." Keering sighed.
Syla smiled.
"Want to check my guess?"
Keering looked at Syla with admire and nodded.

Two days later, Innya and two Royal guards were arrested and Timbala country was sentenced to pay all the damage.

"Why didn't you cut my throat?"
"Wasn't it obvious enough? My guess was that you had nothing to do with it."
"Ah, that kills me...When will I have my rematch?"
"Whenever you want. I'll train hard so that you'll never defeat me."
"Then, I think that I'll stick with you forever."

12 May 2008

Me or...a stranger?

It seems just like yesterday, but time flew off.
Somehow, we can never remain the same.
I should not regret the things I've done, because I'd never choose to do something else, in the same situation. It's odd to feel like I'm someone else, not myself anymore.
It seems so long that I've last escaped to my own world, yet it was only yesterday.
Somehow, I failed to see the reality.
I should wake up for there is nothing I can gain from running away from problems, but there are times that there is no corage to face anything.
It seems that the younger me is much better than the actual me.

Success is like a push on the back to me. It's someone else's work.
Failure is like a slap on the face to me. It's my own fault.

Can I ever return to my old self? I wish I could, it's never too late, though I think I don't care about it anymore. The thing is: even if I work hard, even if I have success, there is no point for that. There is always someone else that will shatter all what I've done. There is always someone that will do much better. There will be endless people only to criticize my work even if I work to death. It's pointless.
Then what am I doing here?

That's a nice question. I say.
I wonder if I really think like what I've just written above. Probably not, or else it would be the end of me. If there is something I know it's not pointless, is to live my life to the fullest even though it can be foolish. Even if I'm a coward, no one can change me by blaming me for being the way I am.

Hell, I am wasting time!

22 March 2008

«I like you, even if I have never met you. There is a slight chance I will, and even if you call me names or spread gossip, I will still care for you. There is a slight chance that if and when we meet, we will be the best of friends, and we will think, "How could I have ever lived without you?"
...And if we don't argue and talk long into the night about everyone and everything, then I will still care, and love your unmet presence...»

13 March 2008

a flat tire


It was a sunny day, but the teacher's spirit was as down as her tire. The break bell rang, and some students proposed to change the tire for the teacher's sake (so that she could go home) and their own (so they could get a better mark).
It happened that there were around 10 people gathered by the teacher's car, helping and looking. The teacher couldn't even see what they were doing to her car. What was happening was so theatrical!
Raquel, Emanuel and JóTó were the ones buzzing around the tire, trying to have a grip on what to do. Around them, a bunch of students was wondering if they would really succeed. If people went there they would think there was a live circus in ESJE.
Meanwhile, JóTó said there was missing a 'monkey', essential to the procedure, and someone replied that all "circus" have a monkey. Then, Sofia proposed to find the key of her mother's car, which was right beside the teacher's, and bring a neighbour circus's monkey.
Then, the preparations were complete. The monkey entered the stage. But, how would it perform? The boys weren't used to that type of monkey, so they didn't know how to use it.
With some help from Rui, they managed to organize the steps they were taking. But, just then, the bell rang. The teacher hurried the audience to classes, as she had to go, too, and the only ones that stayed were JóTó, Emanuel and Rui, to change the tire, Raquel and Min, to give directions, and Sofia because of her monkey.
Finally, the circus was ready to perform. The monkey lifted the car, and the lads took out the tire, which was worth several tries: Emanuel, instead of turning the screw counter-clockwise, did the opposite. However, they managed to remove the flat tire and put the suplent one.
It took 10 minutes and 6 people to change the tire.
Right then, someone cooled down the excitment, and asked how they would put the car back in place, as the teacher took it out to make the change easier. First, they returned the borrowed monkey, which didn't fit in its jail. Then, they tidied up the place. Finally, they started thinking of a way to solve their biggest problem.
JóTó was the first to come up with a solution: since Raquel had the car keys, they could simply drive it to the place. But the others said that there was no way the would do something like that, and everybody laughed as if it was a good joke. After that, Raquel came out with an acceptable solution: they could push the car into its right place. It took them another couple of minutes, because they had to change the one in the driver's seat three times: Emanuel pulled up the handbrake, but the car wouldn't move; then, JóTó put the 1st gear, but the car stood still; finally, Raquel sat and switched the gear to neutral.
Afterwards, God heard them and the car moved.
Finally, it was over, and they were all late for their next class.

NT: monkey in the essay means jack(mech). It was translated directly from the portuguese word.

1 March 2008

São precisamente as perguntas para as quais não existem resposta que marcam os limites das possibilidades humanas e traçam as fronteiras da nossa existência. -- Milan Kundera