13 March 2008

a flat tire


It was a sunny day, but the teacher's spirit was as down as her tire. The break bell rang, and some students proposed to change the tire for the teacher's sake (so that she could go home) and their own (so they could get a better mark).
It happened that there were around 10 people gathered by the teacher's car, helping and looking. The teacher couldn't even see what they were doing to her car. What was happening was so theatrical!
Raquel, Emanuel and JóTó were the ones buzzing around the tire, trying to have a grip on what to do. Around them, a bunch of students was wondering if they would really succeed. If people went there they would think there was a live circus in ESJE.
Meanwhile, JóTó said there was missing a 'monkey', essential to the procedure, and someone replied that all "circus" have a monkey. Then, Sofia proposed to find the key of her mother's car, which was right beside the teacher's, and bring a neighbour circus's monkey.
Then, the preparations were complete. The monkey entered the stage. But, how would it perform? The boys weren't used to that type of monkey, so they didn't know how to use it.
With some help from Rui, they managed to organize the steps they were taking. But, just then, the bell rang. The teacher hurried the audience to classes, as she had to go, too, and the only ones that stayed were JóTó, Emanuel and Rui, to change the tire, Raquel and Min, to give directions, and Sofia because of her monkey.
Finally, the circus was ready to perform. The monkey lifted the car, and the lads took out the tire, which was worth several tries: Emanuel, instead of turning the screw counter-clockwise, did the opposite. However, they managed to remove the flat tire and put the suplent one.
It took 10 minutes and 6 people to change the tire.
Right then, someone cooled down the excitment, and asked how they would put the car back in place, as the teacher took it out to make the change easier. First, they returned the borrowed monkey, which didn't fit in its jail. Then, they tidied up the place. Finally, they started thinking of a way to solve their biggest problem.
JóTó was the first to come up with a solution: since Raquel had the car keys, they could simply drive it to the place. But the others said that there was no way the would do something like that, and everybody laughed as if it was a good joke. After that, Raquel came out with an acceptable solution: they could push the car into its right place. It took them another couple of minutes, because they had to change the one in the driver's seat three times: Emanuel pulled up the handbrake, but the car wouldn't move; then, JóTó put the 1st gear, but the car stood still; finally, Raquel sat and switched the gear to neutral.
Afterwards, God heard them and the car moved.
Finally, it was over, and they were all late for their next class.

NT: monkey in the essay means jack(mech). It was translated directly from the portuguese word.


a said...

big text for a short story

lolymie said...

It was funnier live than written, though writing this was simply hilarious!!