18 May 2008

The Earthquake

In the kingdom of Reyna, people were buzzing around with the preparations for the XIV worldwide dance festival. Then, when no one were expecting anything special to happen, a tornado went through a neighbour country, and caused the kingdom of Reyna some disturbance on the frontiers. But, the disturbance has not ended when an earthquake shook the entire country. Thousands of people were killed, even more people are injured and still missing.
In a small corner of that kingdom, lives an ordinary family with nothing to be proud of.
"I wonder what is happening to this country. Why is it so unlucky?" said a girl seeming unhappy.
"It seems the nature is testing Reyna's economy." the father answered.
"Precisely in the year we are holding the worldwide dance festival! All the prosperity it would bring is going to be used to restore what was destroyed by this."
The girl hesitated.
"First, the snow in the South, then, the tornado and now, this earthquake. Is this the great idea of a joke, or is someone trying to mess with the festival?"
The girl's father didn't hear her.

Five days later, the girls decided to publish her thoughts on a small newspaper that usually goes unnoticed for many. Then, things changed suddenly.
The Royal guard was everywhere, searching from house to house trying to find something.

When the third day of search was about to end, a handsome boy appeared in front of the girl's house. The girl saw him immediately and got scared. He was handsome but he was bringing a huge sword.
"I got lost...Can I ask for some shelter and food?"
The girl's father was not home, and she felt insecure about letting that a bearer of such big sword. 'Isn't someone like that capable of living by himself?' But, she thought that it may be too suspicious of her not letting a lost person in. So she opened the door.
"Good evening, I'm Keering." said the boy sitting down.
"In what can I help you?"
"I was requested to come here by someone called Innya. She lives at Tomb village number seventy-three. Do you know how can I get there?"
"This is faraway from Tomb village. Are you sure you did not get the wrong way?"
"Well, maybe that's why I got lost..."
The girl was pensive. Tomb village was the epicentre of the earthquake.
"May I ask why are you going there?"
"It seems that there is some misterious circumstances concerning the recent earthquake in Reyna kingdom."
"Are you not from Reyna?"
"No. I'm from Timbala."
"Alright. Stay here for tonight then."
The girl's father did not return that night, and the next morning there was a message waiting for her.
«I'm currently in some business in which I can be of help. Please don't worry. Father.»
"Hey, Keering, what exactly are those misterious circumstances you mentioned yesterday?"
"I'll know when I reach the place."
"Then, I'll go with you." she said.
Keering looked surprised, but then, he smiled.
"Maybe I should expect nothing less from a girl that actually started this rush of events."
"Are you not Syla, the one who wrote a pitiful little story about the earthquake on?"
"So, after all you were not lost at all." Syla smiled maliciously.
"Shall we go then?"
"Not yet."
Syla went in, and came back with a rucksack.
"Now, journey starts."

Three days later, they arrived at Tomb village. Immediately, a woman came to meet them.
"You are Keering the one I requested, right?"
"Yes, madam."
"You know about the rumors of the earthquake being an artificial occurence."
"Sure, and I'd like to know how exactly you want me to search the culprit."
They went to the 90km long fault. Both Keering and Syla examined the fault in detail. When they finally finished, it was lunch time.
"Shall we have lunch together?" Keering asked Syla.
"Not really, I'm planning going home."
"So quickly?" Keering smelled a rat.
He seized Syla's right arm and asked in a low voice.
"Would you tell me?"
Syla looked at him with no expression at all on her face. But Keering continued.
"Sunset at the fault."
When sun was about to set, Syla finally decided to go meet Keering.
"What is it that you want me to tell you?"
"Well, you have come to conclusion right? I want to hear it."
"Wasn't it supposed to be your JOB?"
"Hey, what have I done to you? Don't be mean to me!-Keering pretended to be protesting."
"I'm not that stupid. I don't like to make hasty conclusions."
"Maybe you don't like that, but I'm used to make them myself. In this case I think it is doing of Talahan county's people. They are the ones that have more to gain with Reyna's misfortune. They are the ones that wanted independence, so it makes sense."
"I don't think so. Talahan county is a part of this kingdom, and the people there are pitiful. They can be wishing independence but that won't possibly bring them a better life. I think they are not fool enough to do such a horrid thing to Reyna. That lamentably small fault is obviously man-made, and the fault plane is also weird. My guess is that this is the doing of some powerful kingdom that fear the rise of ours. And I think that at least one of the Royal guards is an accomplice, and I'm almost sure Innya was the one that suggested the action."
"It's completely fairy and astounding, but makes sense."
"And what country do you think is the one behind this?"
"Are you sure you want to hear my guess?"
"But of course!"
Keering was suprised at first, but a second later, he unsheathed his large sword. But Syla was prepared for that. She took a step backward and took out a dagger and threw it towards Keering. Then, she took out another dagger and when Keering was dodging the one she threw, she reached him and pretended to cut his throat.
"You win." Keering sighed.
Syla smiled.
"Want to check my guess?"
Keering looked at Syla with admire and nodded.

Two days later, Innya and two Royal guards were arrested and Timbala country was sentenced to pay all the damage.

"Why didn't you cut my throat?"
"Wasn't it obvious enough? My guess was that you had nothing to do with it."
"Ah, that kills me...When will I have my rematch?"
"Whenever you want. I'll train hard so that you'll never defeat me."
"Then, I think that I'll stick with you forever."

12 May 2008

Me or...a stranger?

It seems just like yesterday, but time flew off.
Somehow, we can never remain the same.
I should not regret the things I've done, because I'd never choose to do something else, in the same situation. It's odd to feel like I'm someone else, not myself anymore.
It seems so long that I've last escaped to my own world, yet it was only yesterday.
Somehow, I failed to see the reality.
I should wake up for there is nothing I can gain from running away from problems, but there are times that there is no corage to face anything.
It seems that the younger me is much better than the actual me.

Success is like a push on the back to me. It's someone else's work.
Failure is like a slap on the face to me. It's my own fault.

Can I ever return to my old self? I wish I could, it's never too late, though I think I don't care about it anymore. The thing is: even if I work hard, even if I have success, there is no point for that. There is always someone else that will shatter all what I've done. There is always someone that will do much better. There will be endless people only to criticize my work even if I work to death. It's pointless.
Then what am I doing here?

That's a nice question. I say.
I wonder if I really think like what I've just written above. Probably not, or else it would be the end of me. If there is something I know it's not pointless, is to live my life to the fullest even though it can be foolish. Even if I'm a coward, no one can change me by blaming me for being the way I am.

Hell, I am wasting time!