12 August 2008

the attack

"Hey, Syla do you that there were people who wouldn't come to this year's dance festival only because of political issues?"
"Keering, whatever it may be, it's not of my concern. If they don't want to come, then, be it. It's not like we'll miss them."
The boy and the girl who spoke went outside the cottage and began practicing kendo.
One hour later, in the house.
"So, Syla, what news?" asked the girl's father.
"Nothing interesting, besides the fact that several important people stated that they are not coming for the dance festival."
"Oh, no wonder.But you know, the king from Aacreim country has already asked tickets for the modern dance performance."
"Nice."the girl answered without paying much attention.

The next day, Syla sought out Keering and talked with him about the news her father gave her.
"What do you think of this?"
"I don't know. What do you want me to think? Ok, the Aacreim king is going to attend a dance performance. It's nothing extraordinary."
"Yeah, but you see, he announced it. He is making ads about his going to attend modern dance."
"So, what's your idea? He wants to scare the artists so that they would fail the performance?"
"No. At least I hope it is not his intention.But you must admit that it would be exciting if while the modern dance artist were on stage there was the sound of a shot and then the Aacreim king dies or something like that."
"You are scary! Always thinking about death."
"Argh, it's not like I expect that to happen but it would be a nice story I think."
"Story, you say. Now you got me interested."

Several days later, the XIV worldwide dance festival began. On the 8th day of dance festival, it was the modern dance performance. In the afternoon of the same day, Keering rushed to Syla's house.
"Syla!!! You not going to believe this!"
"Keering, you are ignoring the rules. You didn't knock the door, didn't wait for me to go out and didn't check if my father was at home. And don't speak so loudly."
"Alright, I'm calm now. But, Syla, you are a genius! That story of yours, it happened!!!"
"I begin to wonder if you are a witch that make things happen. Scary..."
"Ha?" Syla seemed even more puzzled.
"The modern dance stage exploded. Fortunately, the Aacreim king is not dead but suffered injuries."
"So there was a bomb?"
"Yeah, I guess so. I'm going to investigate. Are you coming with me?"
"May be an profiting trip."
"Then we start tomorrow."

At worldwide dance festival arena.
"So the bomb was set under the stage." Syla said absently.
"We assume that the prime target is the Aacreim king, as he's the only important person that attended this specific performance."
Apart from the other inspectors, Keering talked to Syla.
"The bomb, the stage and the Aacreim king sitting on the first row. I'd expect it to be terrorists like those from Gafhen or those Kiran armed groups."
"Well, it would be common knowledge that he was going to attend the modern dance, so why didn't he check up his own safety? It's so obvious..."
"What's so obvious?"
"Think. Such an important person can't possibly ignore that he's targeted by many people."
"So, what is it that you're getting at?"
"Don't boast out there, okay?"
Syla lowered her voice so that only Keering could hear.
"It's Aacreim's own doing so that the kingdom can have an excuse to attack Gafhen and Kira and so. And they may eventually have Reyna's help for the trouble people think they caused here."
"You are going to say this to anyone besides me?"
"No, but I hope 50% of what you get when you tell everyone. I'll be going before you! Excuse me.
Saying that she turned and ran away.

Days later, all the Reyna kingdom newspapers were filled with the autoinflicted bomb attack by Aacreim.
"Aacreim didn't admit it was their doing."- said Keering while sitting on the ground in front of Syla's house.
"I don't care. Their name is already stained even though there's no evidence."
"You really don't care about others, do you?"
"Well...Definitely no."

A Georgina Newberry recipe

Take: one supermodel, one arabian prince and an editorial team of a fashion magazine.

Stir together in a bowl of Russian Mafia intrigue.
Cook slowly under the desert sun.
Scatter with emeralds.
Serve hot.

"Dare they fight their way to freedom and a different way of life?"

-«Sand and Slingbacks», by Georgina Newberry. Warner Books.