15 November 2008


Once again, something rose suspicion in Syla's mind. When her father came home, Syla mentioned that a small article in the national newspaper reported that Aidin milk will be investigated, but said nothing about her suspicions.
In the evening of the next day, Keering appeared around Syla's house.
"Hey, Syla! Long time no see, huh?"
"Hello!"-Syla greeted Keering with excessive happiness.
It was Keering's suspicion to turn on.
"What is it? You sound too enthusiastic."
"Oh? Can't I be happy to see you?"
"Well, it's just...unusual."
"As much as you paying me a visit without a reason other than just entertain yourself."
"Now you said it."-Keering smirked.
"Well, have you heard of... those news about Reyna kingdom's milk?"
"What milk?"
"Don't you tell me you haven't heard of it! It's of worldwide importance and you haven't heard of it?"
"Well, I guess I heard something about it. What then?"-Syla asked not interested at all.
"What then? What do you mean by 'what then'? You won't comment on that?"
"Hmm. You want a comment. Then, I shall give you one. It will turn out to be not only a problem of Reyna, but of most of the countries and kingdoms."-Syla looked into Keering's eyes.
Keering heard her with atention and interest and encouraged her to continue.
"There was a small article about the investigation on progress. Several 5-months children were seriously ill, and the milk of Aidin country will be investigated."
"Well, that's really some news."-Keering smirked again.
"All right, I know you already knew it. You are that kind of person that knows everything."
"No, no, no. It's fine. Just continue."
"What is there to continue?"
"Don't tell me you don't have any of those wild thoughts of yours?"
"I have my own thoughts, but can you just leave that for myself please?"
"No!"-Keering shouted.
"Oh? Why?"-it was Syla's turn to smirk.
"Syla, please. I think it's about time to stop with this kind of nonsense each time we meet."
"Really? It can't be that you gave up on your trade, cant it?"
"Syla..."-Keering sighed.-"Look, I lose. You have all those kind of curious ideas and they turn out to be true. Let's just have a normal friendship. I'm a bit fed up about this thing of challenging on solving cases."
Syla was surprised. Keering was an extremely proud person when he met her, but it seems that his personality changed quite much since then.
"Fine. But don't knock my door only when you have something to ask me. It not easy to be in this corner, drop by some time."
Keering smiled. His smile was brighter than before, Syla thought.
"As a gift of our renewed friendship, I'll give you one of my completely impossible stories."
Keering laughed and then, nodded for Syla to start.
"Let me see...We may have another kind of...Aacreim terrorism."-Syla laughed at her own thought.- "It may be again Aacreim's doing. Reyna is getting over the market crisis and Aidin is rising as a market's dominant country. With the falling of Aacreim, These are potential master countries in the world."
"So, you mean Aacreim is the most probable responsible for this?"
"Yeah. They have the means to make a small change in the product if they want, and it is not every day that the company is analysing the milk. It is a product our people believe in."
"I don't know why, but your imaginary storied makes always sense."
Syla smiled.
"Keering, I'm feeling generous. Let's spar a bit."
"Great. But don't you want to check the truth of this idea?"
"I gave you this one as a gift, so it's yours, and you deal with it. I don't care."

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