26 December 2008


«Hey, Syla how are you doing? I'm fine here, so I hope you are fine as well. You have to come to Timbala some day. I think you'll like it here.
For these days I've been here, the our shire's head family has claimed solidarity as an important issue in this new year festival. As well-informed as you are probably you'd already know about the worldwide economy crisis, don't you? So many things happened. A transport ship from Pon to Timbala was attacked by pirates. It seems like the goods are really wanted now. It seems like it is really afecting Timbala.
And then, there is this strange happening... People are getting weird kind of glowing spattergroit. Do you know what that might be? I think it may be a new virus, you know that kind of new specimen. I think there might be terrorists playing around with science and technology? I thought there was a person saying that 'We should try to make science more appealing and more fun and more like a game'. But I really don't agree, the matter is that science in a certaing level cannot be a game! That spattergroit can be really dangerous.
I'll be sent for an investigation in Pon. Maybe I'll bring a souvenir for you when we next meet.
Take care!
Happy New Year.

Thus was the letter Keering wrote to Syla several months after their parting.
Syla smiled when she finished reading the letter. She sitted by her desk and simply wrote a note.
«Keering, it's nice to hear from you. And, I feel flattered to be recognized as a well-informed girl. I should say that flattery may lead you to some gifts from me from time to time. So, this time, here it is: for 'We should try to make science more appealing and more fun and more like a game', Search Leclow.
Hoping you to bring me something interesting from Pon.
Syla was in good mood. She expected Keering to write no sooner than one year, but she felt happy for he even remembered to think of her in his journey to Pon. What she wasn't ready, was for what would come next from her relationship with Keering which happened to be an inspector from Timbala's public security office as said in a secret profile her father handed her.

24 December 2008

A pleasant trip

"Another pleasant day, Syla." -Keering greeted when they met at the usual sparring place.
"Yeah. Winter is pretty cold, but at least there is sunshine."
"Rain isn't that bad."
"Right, but then, you can't practise."
"You and your practise..."-Keering sighed. "By the way, I have a proposal for you."
"Let me hear it." -Syla answered readily.
"Well, you know that Aacreim's king is going to do some time, and he's going to visit Kiran for the last time. So, I thought it would be funny to go along."
"Is that your proposal? For us to go along?"
"Well, yeah. Not a good idea." -Keering regreted having made the proposal.
"Not at all. We shall go. I'll notice my father of that."
"Not complaining?"
"Not really. It might be fun...as you say."
Keering was sincerely suprised by Syla's reaction. But, before she could change her mind, he hurried to pack some things up for the upcoming journey.

Syla sat on the ground and stretched her arms.
"Nice day."- Syla smiled.
"You seem happy."
"Why? Can't I be happy?"
"Sure you can. It's just that you don't smile like that often."
"Hmm....So I don't smile often...maybe.-Syla seemed to be thinking loud.
"Sometimes you seem so carefree, but then you look so worried about some petty thing."
"I have my own small problems. Don't bother me with yours."
"You are so ordinary." - Keering shook his head, expecting Syla to get angry.
"I'll take that as a compliment." - Syla didn't seem to be bothered.
"Why, are you not going to yell at me or fight me?" - Keering was warmly surprised.
Syla smiled, seeming still happy. She didn't answer.
"Hey, Syla! Answer, me!"
Syla laughed.
"Are you sick?"
"Oh no. No way! With such a nice weather, how can I be sick?" - Syla was clearly acting.
"Ok, ok. What are you so happy about?"
"Keering, can't I be happy?"
"I already answered that!" - Keering was getting annoyed.
"And you were expecting me to get angry." -Syla joked. " I was only thinking that this is Aacreim king's last visit to Kiran. As this king is the least popular king, I was just wondering what kind of things may happen."
Keering seemed to be sunddenly pensive.
"Are you making another one of your completely impossible stories?"
"Not exactly. What do you think?"
"I don't know." - Keering put up a pensive expression again.
"Keering, don't hide it, okay?"- Syla asked gently.- " I know I'm always like that. I lose this time, now we are even. Can you tell me ?"
Keering looked at her deeply for a while and then, said:
"You didn't lose, did you? You only want to hear my conjectures."
"Ok, even so. Will you tell me?" - Syla asked cooly.
"I think Kiran people may throw some stones at him."
"Nothing." - Syla answered.
"Nothing?!" - Keering was astonished. - "How is that possible?"
"I also need a break once in a while, okay?"
"Fine. But you always have some thoughts."
"I think he'll have to leave Kiran earlier than he expected."
"Oh? That's really something. Why?"
"He's not popular. People don't like him. Isn't that enough to explain? Eggs and flourare too expensive...so maybe stones, as you said, and people may spit or insult him."

At the public announcement of the Aacreim's heir.
"He's pretty well for the most unpopular king." - Keering whispered to Syla.
"Oh yeah. But this isn't over yet."
As soon as Syla ended her sentence, people saw a pair of shoes flying over just to hit the panel behind the Aacreim king, very near his head.
Syla turned around and saw a delivery man taking off his trousers. Keering turned to look as well. They saw a man cover his legs with a coat, and he bended over to do something. Everyone saw his actions as if in slow motion. Then, when everyon actually realized what was he doing, his underwear had already flown towards the Aacreim king.
Keering was speechless. Syla laughed silently. The guards arrested the delivery man in time so he couldn't do anything else.
Right after the announcement, Aacreim king was forced to return to his country, though there was a visit to the military base in schedule.

"It turned out to be you the winner." -Keering sighed. - "Really, no beating you."
"Well, that guy did throw something." - Syla smiled at the memory of that moment.
"Yeah, but...underwear!! Who could have thought of that?" - Keering was amused.
"Who knows? Maybe next time you'll get closer." - Syla said. - "And please stop the winning thing. I feel uneasy about it."
"Ok...madam. Your wishes are my orders."- Keering joked.
"Keering!"- Syla acted as though she was angry.
"ok,ok. No kidding." - Keering seemed a bit sad. - "You know, Syla, I really enjoed staying here. But, I don't think there will be a next time. I have to go back."
"Back to Timbala?"
"Hmm... Ok. Write me some time if you will." - Syla seemed less bright and carefree.
"I will. Then, see you one day."
"Yeah. I'll be waiting." - Syla smiled.
"See you then. It's a promise." - Keering waved his hand and ran out of sight.