2 February 2009


Ah.......Another has gone flying. I'm getting old......do not want that.....

There was a time that I heard saying that the childhood is the Golden age. Thinking back, I think most people say that. I don't know why, but I think it's not true. People may say that children have no worries, so they are happy. I say different. Maybe newborns don't think, but children do think and have their worries.

I can still remember worries of my past self. I wrote them down so I'd never forget about what's being a child. Children only worry about petty things, I remember someone saying that. True. But..........only to those who are outsiders. I'd rather be satisfied if I had also heard a child denying that someone saying that adults'd worry over things even more meaningless. But I'm straying from what I wanted.

February 2nd was my birthday.
I was pretty happy. It's not like many people remembered but at least some remebered.
At night, when my mother returned with my birthday cake. It was a nice small wallnut chocolate cake. When tasting it, I thought to myself that cakes were a nice tradtion.
Then, I wondered who would be the person that began with the idea of having birthday cake. I know it is done since Ancient Roman times, but who would be the genius?
It really was a great idea. Though I do not live in the Ancient Roman times, I want to congratulate the person who demanded the first birthday cake.
"Thank you and Congratulations", if any of descendants of this very person are around here.

And so......I entered the age when I've heard people call the Rain season, leaving the Flower season behind.

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