23 August 2009

Turning back

When I was on my way to Pudong airport at Shanghai, I realized something that I'll never forget.
In the night, the lights of Shanghai make it look beautiful. True, it cause lots of polution but it looks truely amazing. The bus drives on... Tall buildings and rivers, rivers of cars flow. Somehow, something came to my mind. The me that was leaving China for the first time also went by the same streets, same crosses, but how come I don't recognize any of them?
The thing I realizd then was that in China, specially Shanghai, nothing remains unchanged for long. You can't call yourself a Shanghaise if you are away too long, and that too long may only be half a year! I return to this city almost every year, yet I have so many things to see every time. When I returned to China ans went by this road which name I don't know, it was in good state, but when I was about to leave China about a month later, the same extension of about a kilometer was completely torn open. But, I'm confident that 2 months later, it will be in a perfect state.
Shanghai city is now like a unfinished building. Flaws everywhere, lots of reconstruction occuring everywhere. However, one thing is sure, they'll all be done before Expo2010. I believe chinese are famous for being due on schedule or maybe ahead of it.
Somehow, Shanghai city is overwhelming and when I was about to leave and look behind the time I spent there, for the first time since I left China when I was younger, I felt like staying in China for a living. Things sure change... Faster than I thought.

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