2 September 2009

unpleasant car tour

There was this composition title that reminded me of something rather unpleasant.
The composition title was 'an unpleasant trip by car, ship or plane'. As a matter of fact, I did have one, recently.
Once, I was on a car to go to Wutai mountains with my family. On the road, we faced fog and heavy rain. Also, We saw several car accidents. Not one, several. I mean it was like...three...five...six. About six of them. Not quite a nice day to begin with.
Not long after that, I went to the tomb of my grandparents.
Death, is the word that comes most into my mind right now. I can't imagine how I didn't realize it before. I can't describe the feeling of watching so many things related to death in so short period of time. No, not horror movies. Those are not death related things, they are only pieces of art. But that trip was for real. Actually, on the road to the tomb, there was heavy rain. Even heavier than the time when we went to the mountains. The water was poured from the sky, and I mean it. I couldn't see anything from the car window, just running water. I was horrible. When the rain finally stopped, another series of car accidents were there waiting for me to see.
I felt like there was a theatre of death, but the play was one in which one would actually die.
Chilling...and creepy.

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