29 November 2009


I want to fly.
Open my wings and take off.
I want to see the sky.
I want to see the land from above.

It's so wonderful to have wings.
But, what happens if you have wings but you don't know?
Everyone has a pair of wings waiting to be opened.
The problem is, when you open your wings for the first time,
Will you fly?
Or will you fall?

28 November 2009

small things

When I calm down and look around. Skies, why are people’s faces so boring? I wonder what they are thinking. It’s certainly not the first time, but each time, I feel more grateful than the one before. Life really is a miracle, a wonder. How curious the one wonder that is the most qualified for the Seven Wonders of the World isn’t included in it.
True that people use to feel unsatisfied. But that should be only to a certain degree, because there is always the satisfaction of being right here, right now. Who was it that said so? Oh, yes it was Avril Lavigne’s song. “I think about the little things that make life great.” How true is that? One should know in the heart. The little things that happen, that most of times we don’t take notice. Sometimes, that’s what makes life so different for each of you, each of us. It’s a wonder how small things can change our fate, our life so much. All those coincidences, all those small gestures, and those sentences that people say without even thinking about them, all of them are the part of life I’m most grateful about. Sure it’s not the thanksgiving day, but still, I want to thank all those people I met. Even those I hate, because those are the people that teach me the most, and if not, at least they taught me what is hate.

Hoshii wo nerae

When I look back, I wonder what I have accomplished. But, if I’m here, it may be not a coincidence. When I look around, I wonder what people are doing. But, if they are out there, they must have done so far to be present.
I used to look at people’s faces and think: another stranger passed by. But, time goes on and things do change. All the faces have written on them, a story that maybe it’s never been told before.
They are fighting. They are all fighting. No matter where I turn to, it’s the same. I see people fighting on and struggling for what they want. It makes me wonder what I have done so far. It’s not easy to live. I don’t think it’s a lie. Hey, pals, you are all working so hard. You keep running. I wonder if I can keep on. Changes sometimes come too fast, but as long as I am alive, I should fit myself in. I should, but, I don’t. When everything has always been in your reach, I wonder what happens if one day, that very person can’t reach anything anymore.
Looking from afar, I wonder what are all these people struggling for. What keeps us, you, them… going on living and fighting? There is a meaning to life isn’t there. There is a wish in everyone’s heart and mind, isn’t there?
I wonder what is mine. I really do. Meanwhile, I don’t want to lose to anyone.
That’s why,
Aim higher,
Aim for the sky,
Aim for the stars.
Let me keep looking forward and never ever give up. When I find what I truly want, I’ll decide where to shoot. For now, let the work begin.

21 November 2009

Rain II

Flash across my window.
I get up.
I open my window,
wind comes in blowing.
A smell,
a smell of rain.
I look up, at the sky.
It's grey, nearly black.
I feel uneasy.
What is this feeling?
Did I do anything wrong?
Did I forget something?
Am I waiting for something to come?
A ray of sunlight escapes from the clouds.
Somehow, I can breathe more easily.
I look around.
Even though there is sunlight, there seems to be no life.
A drop.
Another drop.
It's raining now.
More and more.
Somehow, the drops sound like music.
the music seems to be a happy one.
How can it be happy in such a dead day?
What gives? Why should anyone answer me?
It felt like an eternity went by.
I felt desperate, but rain washed it away.
I felt uneasy, btu rain took it away.
When the rain stopped,
I saw the sky, the true sky.
It was blue, and it was high.
I saw the grass, the strength in it.
It was green, and it was alive.
I felt relief,
I felt hopeful.
As if awaken from a long dream,
as if waking up for the first time,
as if being born in a new world,
as if I've never been there before,
I closed my window
and set for my journey.
Determined, hopeful and happy.


the most beautiful green is after the rain.
What the rain washes away,
I don't know.
I only know that,
after the rain,
the world is reborn.
Fresh air, wind.
Wet air, sea.
the most bright blue is after the rain.
What rain brings,
I don't know.
I only know that,
after the rain,
the world wakes.
white clouds, blue sky.
grey waves, dark sea.