28 November 2009

Hoshii wo nerae

When I look back, I wonder what I have accomplished. But, if I’m here, it may be not a coincidence. When I look around, I wonder what people are doing. But, if they are out there, they must have done so far to be present.
I used to look at people’s faces and think: another stranger passed by. But, time goes on and things do change. All the faces have written on them, a story that maybe it’s never been told before.
They are fighting. They are all fighting. No matter where I turn to, it’s the same. I see people fighting on and struggling for what they want. It makes me wonder what I have done so far. It’s not easy to live. I don’t think it’s a lie. Hey, pals, you are all working so hard. You keep running. I wonder if I can keep on. Changes sometimes come too fast, but as long as I am alive, I should fit myself in. I should, but, I don’t. When everything has always been in your reach, I wonder what happens if one day, that very person can’t reach anything anymore.
Looking from afar, I wonder what are all these people struggling for. What keeps us, you, them… going on living and fighting? There is a meaning to life isn’t there. There is a wish in everyone’s heart and mind, isn’t there?
I wonder what is mine. I really do. Meanwhile, I don’t want to lose to anyone.
That’s why,
Aim higher,
Aim for the sky,
Aim for the stars.
Let me keep looking forward and never ever give up. When I find what I truly want, I’ll decide where to shoot. For now, let the work begin.

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