21 November 2009

Rain II

Flash across my window.
I get up.
I open my window,
wind comes in blowing.
A smell,
a smell of rain.
I look up, at the sky.
It's grey, nearly black.
I feel uneasy.
What is this feeling?
Did I do anything wrong?
Did I forget something?
Am I waiting for something to come?
A ray of sunlight escapes from the clouds.
Somehow, I can breathe more easily.
I look around.
Even though there is sunlight, there seems to be no life.
A drop.
Another drop.
It's raining now.
More and more.
Somehow, the drops sound like music.
the music seems to be a happy one.
How can it be happy in such a dead day?
What gives? Why should anyone answer me?
It felt like an eternity went by.
I felt desperate, but rain washed it away.
I felt uneasy, btu rain took it away.
When the rain stopped,
I saw the sky, the true sky.
It was blue, and it was high.
I saw the grass, the strength in it.
It was green, and it was alive.
I felt relief,
I felt hopeful.
As if awaken from a long dream,
as if waking up for the first time,
as if being born in a new world,
as if I've never been there before,
I closed my window
and set for my journey.
Determined, hopeful and happy.

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