21 February 2010


Portugal really is a strangely small country.
There goes little me hurrying to the train station because I needed so much to catch this train, but I left my house a bit late due to some addiction to Anime (=Soul Eater on MTV Portugal). Then, again, arriving at the train station, little me goes as fast as she can, and when she saw that the train she was supposed to catch didn't leave yet, she took some quick steps and... hop. There I go. Success. I got on the train.
I finally calm myself down and look around. What do I see? The winner of 2009 edition Portuguese singing competition "Ídolos" right in front of me. «Oh, my. My eyes are worse than I thought they'd be.» That's what I thought. (Just to be clear, I'm incredibly near-sighted.) Then, I look at the person who was beside that winner... «Oh, my. It's definetely my eyes problems. That guy is my primary school. But, of course he wouldn't recognize me. I cut my hair, even those who knew me from high school nearly didn't recognize me.»
And then, right when I was to think, «Oh, never mind, I'll ust read a bit.» A guy went to the winner (Filipe something, I don't remember) and sheked his hand and all. Stupid me is so slow that thought «Oh, how good to find a friend on such a crowded train.» Then, a minute later, «Hey, wait a minute, that guy wasn't his friend... He was the winner's fan! I'm so dumb.» And the second thought happened to be true, because some people around me moved closer to that Filipe and one of the ladies even asked him to speak to her husband which was a great fan of his and asked him an autograph. I thought the situation was hilarious. I wonder if all those world scale famous singers and actors and big names have moments like that. Supposedly normal, but normal at all.

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