11 April 2010

Friends out there

I wonder if what those people I once knew are doing right now. All those people that were my friends, where are they.
Sometimes I really wonder, what makes a person 'a friend' of mine. When I think about it, I really don't know. When you don't see each other, it seems like you cease being friends. Is it what that word is supposed to mean? From all the friends I made, I only have any news from few of them. From that few, only 3 are far away. Does time and the distance between people erase friendship? It shouldn't, but it does.
Just now, a friend called because someone was hell sick. Will ever a person far away remeber they even have such a friend if he/she wasn't sick? In my mind, something like this would go on:
"Hey, do you know X? That student of ..., that does...?"
"Who? Oh! Yeah! I know, he was a friend of mine."
"Yeah? Oh, well, he's sick."
"Really? Is he ok?" (faked pity of worry, or truly felt worry. I don't know, and I don't care.)
There goes the so supposed friend looking up the phone list.
"Oh, I found the number, let's phone him."
Great. Really great. I don't think that person would have ever remembered his sick friend if he wasn't sick! But gladly, it's not a case which one person remembers another only when the second one is already dead.
People move on. True. But, shouldn't one remember those who helped him/her get to where he is?

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