9 May 2010

rolling tummy

And off we go, to somewhere we don't know. Only thing we do know is that our little tummy belly is going to be round full.
That was yesterday. It was raining (awful). I asked my friends to be at the railway station at 11.20, but then, when I was on my way there, I started to worry if I should have set the meeting time a bit earlier in case they were late. Luckily, they were not.
(we set sail in the darkness of the rain out to malaposta)
Well, not sail, but...whatever.
We walked from the station we got off to the supposed restaurant. On the way, we passed by a small bridge and the landscape looked so unreal, specially after the rain. There was also and old abandoned building alongside the road, reminds our party of some typical movie scenario.
The important thing is not all this. But these, our hard work at the restaurant:
Oh yes, completely wiped out. I was just starving when I started, but in the end, my tummy said I was rather full. Oh yes, I felt like my little tummy belly suddenly grew.
That was the hell of a feast. Awesome.

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