29 July 2010


For the first time in my life I felt shock. Maybe not the first, the second (the very first one, I dare say, not many can remember).
Today, I met panic. Now, that I know what panic is, I hope to never meet it again. My body refused to obey my commands. I felt awful. I felt like throwing up, though I was hungry with potencially nothing in my stomach. I felt like passing out right there, and my eyes refused to see anything at all even though my glycemy level should be just fine and I'm not that much blind. Cold sweat all over me, tough it's summer and I'm supposed to sweat, but not like this.
I felt sick.
And the reason for all those reactions: my father PROBABLY broke his nose. There was just so much blood in his face at first. His face looked so swelled. After a while, it began to color. Not a very good color though, it was purple. Well, the external bleeding stopped, but I'm not very positive about this.
In a way, I'm glad I didn't go for a medicine course.

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