18 August 2010

Working Overtime Could Kill You

by LiveScience Staff
posted: 11 May 2010 12:43 pm ET
Working overtime can take its toll on more than just sanity. It might be bad for the heart, a new study reveals.

Among 6,014 people followed for about 11 years, those who worked 10 or more hours a day had a 60-percent higher risk of heart-related problems, such as death due to heart disease or a non-fatal heart attack, than those who didn't work overtime.

The results held even after the researchers accounted for other risk factors that might influence heart problems, such as smoking, being overweight, or having high cholesterol.

1 August 2010


The day my dad wisely broke his nose was one day of many first times.
First time seen a broken nose, not very good. Would have been a lot better if it was someone else's nose. (Not that I actually I wished it would happen to someone.)
First time staying nearly all day long in a hospital. Not good. Not good at all, since I hate hospitals and clinics and pharmacies.
First time riding an ambulence. Very funny. Luckily, it was not an emergency. Somehow, the ambulence is pretty narrow inside, very unlike what I used to imagine from what is seen on TV. Of course TV is a whole different thing. Somehow, I'm glad that the ambulence I was in with my father, was not in an emergency rescue mission. It surely had first aid kits and a lot of equipment, but I just don't think it has enough to save one's life till he/she arrives the hospital.