1 August 2010


The day my dad wisely broke his nose was one day of many first times.
First time seen a broken nose, not very good. Would have been a lot better if it was someone else's nose. (Not that I actually I wished it would happen to someone.)
First time staying nearly all day long in a hospital. Not good. Not good at all, since I hate hospitals and clinics and pharmacies.
First time riding an ambulence. Very funny. Luckily, it was not an emergency. Somehow, the ambulence is pretty narrow inside, very unlike what I used to imagine from what is seen on TV. Of course TV is a whole different thing. Somehow, I'm glad that the ambulence I was in with my father, was not in an emergency rescue mission. It surely had first aid kits and a lot of equipment, but I just don't think it has enough to save one's life till he/she arrives the hospital.

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