30 November 2010

From Yesterday

What a beautiful sunset I would have seen if that cloud wans't there. But, even if the cloud hides the sun, the view is still soothing.
The calm sea resembles that of a hot summer twilight. Right now, it's cloud winter though. The sky is all clear but for that one big cloud hiding the sun. It's sunset time. Maybe next time I'll get lucky.
Pink and purple are the colours of this winter sky. I'm in the warmth of this train which takes me to a place called home.
Everything just feels so right now, why does it have to change as soon as I arrive home??! Yeah, I've got work to do. Bah. Soon it will be night and cold will kick in. Ah, how much would I give to be already on holidays.
Oh! I got a peek of the setting sun. Damn, it's too bright for my naked eyes. Half orange biscuit in the blue juice called ocean. I wonder if it tasted as good as Oreo in the milk.
Gotta go. Time surely flies.

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