11 November 2010

Mystic Oporto

Photos I took when I got up in the morning of November 2nd.

I've been really busy. But seeing that right in the morning made feel way better. Maybe I should just look at the pictures every morning.
Don't nag me about photographing skills. I know pretty well that I have none.

"Even foogier than yesterday. I feel like I'm out of this world. High up in the skies. A mystic city in the cloud, Oporto. I like that title. Then again, it's so rare to feel so happy over something so small.
The sun is rising. Rays of sun pierce right through this fog creating all of a paradise of light. After I took the picture, it reminded me of Akatsuki in Tegami Bachi. The city where the artificial sun is. Though, of course, this sun is not artificial, but very real.
Hurray for one more happy day." - Extract from my photo journal.

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