30 December 2010

Highly improbable events

Just recently, I gained a whole another level of understanding about highly improbable events.
First of all, highly improbable events do happen. I knew that, but I had the proof.
Second, there are people around who highly improbable things happen way too often. That would be me (?), maybe someone else around me.

I'm not counting having cancer as an improbable event. I did believe that, but not anymore.
Non-small cell Lung cancer: improbable among lung cancer patients.
Surviving more than a year after diagnosis in fase III/IV: improbable. I found out it was never more than 15% of cases, in any country.
Metastases to brain: highly improbable (specially as the first organ to where a lung cancer metastases).
Now, what is the chance of a bunch of improbable events to happen to one same person? I'd say, highly improbable. That one person: my mom.
I'm not happy. But I'm not complaining either. What is there to say. I just feel very...so not useful. I'm starting to wonder if a drug that has a improbably low rate of success would cure her.

24 December 2010

Never dull a day (2)

As I predicted, when my parents and I went to the consultation of IPO to know the results of my mother's magnetic ressonance, the doctor gave us some really bad news. What, he said it was even worse than he expected. He said that brain metastasis was rare and usually the last organ to be affected. But in this case, it was the first metastatic site. Why does my mother's case has to be always in the minority, huh?!
Anyway, yesterday was a bad day. And, so was today. I guess when you don't start well, you don't get any better. Very early in the morning, one of my sim cards went crazy. It is giving me the "Insert sim card" notice in every cellphone I put it in. My! Does my Christmas this year have to be this bad? I mean, I don't think it can get any worse, but I'm sure that life will somehow manage to surprise me.

23 December 2010

Never dull a day

Last Christmas, I was sick, my mom was sick, and my dad was out of town.
This year, everything went well until my mom got sick, again. I really hope this doesn't turn into a habit.
Today, we were supposed to use our car to drive us to the hospital for my mother's appointment. But, very (un)luckily, yesterday, a friend of our came by to check our car, and found out we had a flat tire and had to switch it. Problem: The stands were already closed and the back-up we had was not allowed to run on high-way. GREAT!
Today, we got to hear a horrible turn out for my mothers symptoms recently. The main doctor suspects some cancer cell colonization in the meningis. As far as it concerns me, it is as horrible as it sounds.
Tomorrow, I guess I'll just have to wait up for another wave of bad news. big, great christmas...
Really, never dull a day. I nearly wish these days to be as dull as ever.

17 December 2010

Library worm

I just found out the awesomeness of my local library!!
I love reading novels. And usually, I don't say I read books, I devour them.
I went to do some blood analysis today. And after I finally was allowed to eat my beloved breakfast, I decided it was time for me to stop by my local library. Before going to college, I was a quite frequent user of the library. Even though I was finding it more and more difficult to find books that I would want to read in leisure time, I managed somehow to always find one. After the college thing, that stopped because I barely had time to finish house chores and social meetings.
Last day I went there, was summer holidays 2009. I found 3 new books. All recently published, 2 of them, I wanted to read.
This year, finally, I decided to drop by again. 12 new books. All best sellers and recently published. 4 of them I already read. 2 of them, not interested, and the other 6 are the books I wanted to read since I began college, but never had the chance to find the books. Awesome!
I'm going to have the hell of a fantastic Christmas this year!

busy times coming

Finally, Christmas. A thousand hurrays for the blessed holidays I'll have.
Even though, usually, I don't recommend my kind of holidays to anybody, given that I'm way busier on holidays than work days.
First day of holidays, what to do: Sleep till late and do house chores. Now, first day over.
Let's proceed to the second day: house chores and house chores.
Great holidays isn't that?
Well, that's only the first days. Wait for more.
Next days: Shopping, house chores, reading and studying. Well, the part of studying is not quite studying as you see, it's not for school. It's more extensive reading on subjects that I like, and of course, also novels.
Christmas eve and Christmas day is definitely party time. Last year we gathered and made it a white night playing different card games. This year, as far as I'm concerned I'll have a BBQ. And, I'm definitely planning to go ice skating for the first time in my life. I just hope I don't fall too badly. The last time I fell, it was worse than just badly. I'm still feeling the consequences even though it's already been a month and so.
By the end of holidays: finally rid of shopping, but not house chores. Studying (this time,for real) for my examinations.
Now, for real. My parents would nag me all day long about how I should be studying. Damn, as if I don't know that. Good thing is, on holidays I can definitely read whatever I want and pretend to be studying and don't have to worry and get real.

2 December 2010

December days

Second day of December.
It's freezing cold outside... and inside. Thunderstorm one after another. The weather is really awful today. Just to think that yesterday it was sunny, weather sure changes quickly.
Thunder is so loud. The light is flashing. It kind of reminded me of junk horror movie. Oh! Great! It's raining, not front above, but the from the sides! I'm soooo lucky to be at home.
I wonder why is it that it refuses to snow around here, even when it's this damn cold?!
Ha! Irony of ironies, sun is shining now, just peeking through the clouds, but shining. All around the sun are black, no maybe a bit more like grey clouds.
No! Not seagulls gaggling! (Seagulls gaggling-- translation: there will be storm tomorrow.)

Ahhh.... This is lazy me talking. I shouldn't have to be up so early in the morning and out in such a cold day. But little me went to university just to have a small 30-minute quiz. 9 in the morning! Raining and freezing! Cold is all right, but rain is not all right at all! Damn.
And now, at home I still have to go on studying. Stupid me is staring at the same thing for an hour, therefore, lazy me decided to take a break. No good TV, fed up of videogames... can't find a single interesting thing to do. Oh, this is bad, am I depressing? No, I guess not.
Little me, ganbare!