17 December 2010

busy times coming

Finally, Christmas. A thousand hurrays for the blessed holidays I'll have.
Even though, usually, I don't recommend my kind of holidays to anybody, given that I'm way busier on holidays than work days.
First day of holidays, what to do: Sleep till late and do house chores. Now, first day over.
Let's proceed to the second day: house chores and house chores.
Great holidays isn't that?
Well, that's only the first days. Wait for more.
Next days: Shopping, house chores, reading and studying. Well, the part of studying is not quite studying as you see, it's not for school. It's more extensive reading on subjects that I like, and of course, also novels.
Christmas eve and Christmas day is definitely party time. Last year we gathered and made it a white night playing different card games. This year, as far as I'm concerned I'll have a BBQ. And, I'm definitely planning to go ice skating for the first time in my life. I just hope I don't fall too badly. The last time I fell, it was worse than just badly. I'm still feeling the consequences even though it's already been a month and so.
By the end of holidays: finally rid of shopping, but not house chores. Studying (this time,for real) for my examinations.
Now, for real. My parents would nag me all day long about how I should be studying. Damn, as if I don't know that. Good thing is, on holidays I can definitely read whatever I want and pretend to be studying and don't have to worry and get real.

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