2 December 2010

December days

Second day of December.
It's freezing cold outside... and inside. Thunderstorm one after another. The weather is really awful today. Just to think that yesterday it was sunny, weather sure changes quickly.
Thunder is so loud. The light is flashing. It kind of reminded me of junk horror movie. Oh! Great! It's raining, not front above, but the from the sides! I'm soooo lucky to be at home.
I wonder why is it that it refuses to snow around here, even when it's this damn cold?!
Ha! Irony of ironies, sun is shining now, just peeking through the clouds, but shining. All around the sun are black, no maybe a bit more like grey clouds.
No! Not seagulls gaggling! (Seagulls gaggling-- translation: there will be storm tomorrow.)

Ahhh.... This is lazy me talking. I shouldn't have to be up so early in the morning and out in such a cold day. But little me went to university just to have a small 30-minute quiz. 9 in the morning! Raining and freezing! Cold is all right, but rain is not all right at all! Damn.
And now, at home I still have to go on studying. Stupid me is staring at the same thing for an hour, therefore, lazy me decided to take a break. No good TV, fed up of videogames... can't find a single interesting thing to do. Oh, this is bad, am I depressing? No, I guess not.
Little me, ganbare!


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