30 December 2010

Highly improbable events

Just recently, I gained a whole another level of understanding about highly improbable events.
First of all, highly improbable events do happen. I knew that, but I had the proof.
Second, there are people around who highly improbable things happen way too often. That would be me (?), maybe someone else around me.

I'm not counting having cancer as an improbable event. I did believe that, but not anymore.
Non-small cell Lung cancer: improbable among lung cancer patients.
Surviving more than a year after diagnosis in fase III/IV: improbable. I found out it was never more than 15% of cases, in any country.
Metastases to brain: highly improbable (specially as the first organ to where a lung cancer metastases).
Now, what is the chance of a bunch of improbable events to happen to one same person? I'd say, highly improbable. That one person: my mom.
I'm not happy. But I'm not complaining either. What is there to say. I just feel very...so not useful. I'm starting to wonder if a drug that has a improbably low rate of success would cure her.

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