17 December 2010

Library worm

I just found out the awesomeness of my local library!!
I love reading novels. And usually, I don't say I read books, I devour them.
I went to do some blood analysis today. And after I finally was allowed to eat my beloved breakfast, I decided it was time for me to stop by my local library. Before going to college, I was a quite frequent user of the library. Even though I was finding it more and more difficult to find books that I would want to read in leisure time, I managed somehow to always find one. After the college thing, that stopped because I barely had time to finish house chores and social meetings.
Last day I went there, was summer holidays 2009. I found 3 new books. All recently published, 2 of them, I wanted to read.
This year, finally, I decided to drop by again. 12 new books. All best sellers and recently published. 4 of them I already read. 2 of them, not interested, and the other 6 are the books I wanted to read since I began college, but never had the chance to find the books. Awesome!
I'm going to have the hell of a fantastic Christmas this year!

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