24 December 2010

Never dull a day (2)

As I predicted, when my parents and I went to the consultation of IPO to know the results of my mother's magnetic ressonance, the doctor gave us some really bad news. What, he said it was even worse than he expected. He said that brain metastasis was rare and usually the last organ to be affected. But in this case, it was the first metastatic site. Why does my mother's case has to be always in the minority, huh?!
Anyway, yesterday was a bad day. And, so was today. I guess when you don't start well, you don't get any better. Very early in the morning, one of my sim cards went crazy. It is giving me the "Insert sim card" notice in every cellphone I put it in. My! Does my Christmas this year have to be this bad? I mean, I don't think it can get any worse, but I'm sure that life will somehow manage to surprise me.

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