23 December 2010

Never dull a day

Last Christmas, I was sick, my mom was sick, and my dad was out of town.
This year, everything went well until my mom got sick, again. I really hope this doesn't turn into a habit.
Today, we were supposed to use our car to drive us to the hospital for my mother's appointment. But, very (un)luckily, yesterday, a friend of our came by to check our car, and found out we had a flat tire and had to switch it. Problem: The stands were already closed and the back-up we had was not allowed to run on high-way. GREAT!
Today, we got to hear a horrible turn out for my mothers symptoms recently. The main doctor suspects some cancer cell colonization in the meningis. As far as it concerns me, it is as horrible as it sounds.
Tomorrow, I guess I'll just have to wait up for another wave of bad news. big, great christmas...
Really, never dull a day. I nearly wish these days to be as dull as ever.

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