12 March 2011

Commute on March 11th

This is a mess. Currently I'm on an inexistent train. No one at the station knew if this train would make the trip. CP is striking during this month. It's going to be a big big mess. When I arrived at the station, there was only one board that said there would be a train departing at 13:55 on platform 7, this train. But on the platform itself, the board clearly said 'The next train isn't a passenger train.' Which is weird. Then, someone asked a CP worker, probably ticket clerk in the next train departing at 14:14. He didn't know if there was going to be a 13:55 train.
Tik, tok. A couple minutes from 13:55, announcement 'The train stationed at platform 6 will be departing to Aveiro at 13:55.' What the...!!!!! What's more, the board on the platform 6 said clearly 'departing at 14:14 to Aveiro' and it never changed, not even after this train took off. How great..............
This reminds me of my commute at March 8. It was Carnival day. Me and a collegue of mine were waiting for the train to Porto. We were sure there was going to be a train to Porto departing at 15:19, no board was showing that information. The announcer annouced that the a train would arrive at platform 2, the one we predicted that our train would depart from. But, that same train which was supposed to arrive at platform 2, landed at platform 5....somehow. Then, a CP clerk, our train driver called out for the people waiting the next train and said that the train that's going to Porto was going to depart from platform 5.
Just how more messy can they be? Even their own employees don't know what's going on? Great, anyone wants to remind what was the theory of chaos about, again?

Damn the sea is so beautifully blue and fiery. It looks like a badly painted picture. Clouds cover up the sky letting only little dots of blue. Gulls are flying over the sea really low. The distant sea looks dark blue, or maybe grey. My eyes can't really tell the difference. The close sea is greyish. But there is a strip of clear baby blue in the middle which makes it look queer.
My eyes are heavy, but I still have work to do.

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