14 March 2011

You who want to be the best

You who want to be the best, how far are you willing to go?
Ask yourself the question, what are you aiming for? What's your goal? Be brave. Chances are for who dares.
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." So, how hard are you willing to work to achieve your goal? Do you have what it takes to be the best? Ask yourself. Don't rush the answer, be wise. "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" Know your priorities. Focus on what actually matters. What are you trying to pull off? Think twice, double check.
Have you ever asked yourself, maybe you're not doing enough, maybe you're not trying hard enough. Look around, and see the truth for itself. See, not just watch it go by. What's beneath all those people you see, find it out. There's always more than what meets the eye.
Now, look inside yourself. Do you have what others have? Do have what others don't have? Focus. World is not a friend to just anyone. If you know yourself, and know what you want, then, are you going to get it?
You who want to be the best, how much are you willing to risk?

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