12 April 2011


Today, I had an interesting discution about Burqas. It all came by when one of my friends mentioned that it is now prohibited the use of Burqa in France. Some of us were against it, some of us agreed. The discution about tolerance and cultural differences was quite on, which led to several side talks. One of them was the thing we call equality. Then, despite our devious opinions on the allowance of Burqa in a non-muslin country, we reached a suprising consensus. All of us agreed that if we want there to be equal footing for everyone, then the use of garments like Burqa is more likely to work than what we, in the West, use on a daily basis.

Equal footing. That's really something to think about. Despite all people try to say how equal the western society and culture is, it never is. The appearances always influence too much in our daily life. "What you see, what you hear, nothing is what is seems." We are so bound to it, that we don't see. People look, but they don't see. One should look at the mirror first, then look at other people. Judging others and not self-judging, that's just self glorification.

I'm hella tired and I've got classes tomorrow early, but I'm glad I had this conversation today. It made me see thing clearer. One day, I wish to become a person who sees things for what they are, not for what they seem.

10 April 2011


Ah, the weather is good. Spring is here. I'm happy. The phalaenopsis orchid on my table has florished. Purity of white.

Also a couple of unkown plants on my varanda blossomed some shiny yellow flowers.

6 April 2011

Quotes from Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles

Also know as Tsubasa Chronicles or TRC. These are some quotes taken from the cover of TRC manga chapter. -To those who, like me, love Tsubasa Chronicles.

"Even if tomorrow everything will disappear.
With your smilling by my side,
I don't need anything else."

"so much sadness(...) flows lovely through the stars."

"Two unlucky fellows cross paths...
Is this a joke played by fate...
or an unavoidable destiny?"

"How much will you have to endure before your wish comes true?"

"I will continue to pursue the wish for eternity, as long as it exists somewhere in this world."

"Even when dark clouds cover your smile, even when rain blocks your voice, (...)your heart will not disappear."

"Stop time for the sake of your smile."

"If you lose your way, take a detour and look at th scenery."

"The broken dream is made whole Light seeps out of the future."

"The presence of friends, your existence, creates a lovable time."

"Even if it's dark and tough, just go straight ahead with justice as your light house."

"What is reflected in the eyes of a devil?"

"Will it remain hidden forever...?
strength within fragility,
gentleness within coldness."

"Spread your wings and fly high."

"Joy and sorrow, are both like scattered petals."

"Ying and Yang. Lies and truth. Are like two paths, paths that intersect"

"Without memories of the past, unable to see the future." stand, and believe in your strength.
"Whatever cruelties the final moment may hold, ...times that have passed will not fade."

"What makes blood flow from one hand to another, is not fate, but destiny."

"Even if we are crushed, even if we are defeated, surely, no matter how many times we'll stand up again."

"Carrying all the sins and past that cannot be erased ...step foward once again."

"Like the fleeting stars, the flowing souls," lifes won't return.

"Even should I be wounded, I can still fight."

"Even if the beloved ones leave his side,
he has to keep on living."

My pace

It's been a while since I felt this happy. But also, I feel uneasy. I don't know, but I feel like I'm worried about something. I actually wonder what I'm worried for. I'm not confident about what I'm going to do. Maybe it's because I'm feeling incredibly dumb. Right now, I'm at a turning point. I'm afraid of walking forward, maybe. I wonder if I can keep up with the world. I guess I have to. I need to hurry. The world won't wait for me, but I can catch it up. And I hope it starts, today.

3 April 2011

Spider Man

I just found a big spider at home. Also, it was a weird looking spider. Black body with a silver strip on it and silver legs. It looks like something drawn, not real. Maybe it's Spider Man... Any spider experts tell me what spider species this one is? As far as I can see, doesn't seem to be poisonous to me. But, one never knows. Also, I don't want an endangered species lurking around my house.

1 April 2011

Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse oblige is a French phrase literally meaning "nobility obliges". -by Wikipedia.org

I came across this quote when I was watching Eden of the East. I didn't realize it's meaning until very late in the show. It means something like 'the obligation of those who have'. And it stroke me. I'm not supposed to be screwing around just because I don't have to worry about surviving. I'm supposed to make something out of my life, and that's not a right, but an obligation.

Also, I believe that world would be a way better place if everyone just tried their hardest to obey this 'noblesse oblige' thing. I think I realized something good today. I'm glad I watched the show, even though I was hesitant at first.

-Noblesse Oblige,