12 April 2011


Today, I had an interesting discution about Burqas. It all came by when one of my friends mentioned that it is now prohibited the use of Burqa in France. Some of us were against it, some of us agreed. The discution about tolerance and cultural differences was quite on, which led to several side talks. One of them was the thing we call equality. Then, despite our devious opinions on the allowance of Burqa in a non-muslin country, we reached a suprising consensus. All of us agreed that if we want there to be equal footing for everyone, then the use of garments like Burqa is more likely to work than what we, in the West, use on a daily basis.

Equal footing. That's really something to think about. Despite all people try to say how equal the western society and culture is, it never is. The appearances always influence too much in our daily life. "What you see, what you hear, nothing is what is seems." We are so bound to it, that we don't see. People look, but they don't see. One should look at the mirror first, then look at other people. Judging others and not self-judging, that's just self glorification.

I'm hella tired and I've got classes tomorrow early, but I'm glad I had this conversation today. It made me see thing clearer. One day, I wish to become a person who sees things for what they are, not for what they seem.

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