1 April 2011

Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse oblige is a French phrase literally meaning "nobility obliges". -by Wikipedia.org

I came across this quote when I was watching Eden of the East. I didn't realize it's meaning until very late in the show. It means something like 'the obligation of those who have'. And it stroke me. I'm not supposed to be screwing around just because I don't have to worry about surviving. I'm supposed to make something out of my life, and that's not a right, but an obligation.

Also, I believe that world would be a way better place if everyone just tried their hardest to obey this 'noblesse oblige' thing. I think I realized something good today. I'm glad I watched the show, even though I was hesitant at first.

-Noblesse Oblige,



Anonymous said...

good start

Mr. Not So Anonymous said...

I just came across that episode, too. It's a good ideal to live by. Those who rise up from poverty and into power must never forget where they come from, or the people that helped them get to that point. It is the duty of those with power to serve those who need it most. At least, that's what I think.