31 May 2011

A day at pigeon's lair

Today morning, I decided to sing for a while when I couldn't keep studying. A couple of pigeons landed on my varanda. Maybe to hear me sing (kidding), more like just to find food. The thing is. That couple kept walking forth and back like they were gallanting. Is it because of the season? or just because it's sunny today? Either way. I'm barely home so I don't get to observe, yes observe not just watch and see. That couple was pretty cute, until a third pigeon came. Am I watching a love triangle? haha. Who knows... My voice is not as sweet as it used to be, nor I sing as well as I used to do, so maybe I scared those little flying things. They went away flying when I was singing my last song.
It's afternoon now. I'm sitting in front of my computer trying to study though I'm not being very successful. Six pigeons landed to snack. All happy back and forth, while I was calling my mom on the phone. And the snack, they decided to just stay and rest. For a moment, they were so still that I thought they were mumies. One of them really looks like it's dead. Hasn't moved for at least a quarter. If I was a painter I'd be in ecstasy. It's not everyday that you can have pigeons standing still and model for you. Man, I want to take a picture of this scene. Too bad I don't have a camera at hand.
Oh! One of the pigeons, let's call him Mark decided to go snack again. Its beak knocking on the curb sounds like drums. I say, Mark, have you ever thought that your vocation maybe drummer and not just pigeon? XD.

18 May 2011


Yesterday, on my way to university, I met my Physics and Chemistry teacher from High School. The guy is still as smug as always. He asked me about stuff in college, and commented as if he knew how it is like, but he really doesn't. University these days are a lot different from how they used to be. Maybe it's the Bologne thing? Don't know if it's good or bad. I'm just not your average girl. Not that my grades are that good, it's quite average as a matter of fact, but I want to be the best.

Moving on, today, at aNfo radio chatterbox, I met two people. They were from the same country, almost same city, same university, same faculty and even same course! How funny is that? Among all the people in the world, among all the people that registered on that website, to find one that close to you. THAT, I call FATE.

13 May 2011

Give up

Sometimes I feel like everything I do, I turn out giving up on it. Two of the three novels I was writing back in High school went on hold for almost 2/3 years now. College takes alot of time, but mostly I'm just getting lazy. I don't wanna push my head to spill just some words and write it down. I want to actually write something that is interesting and meaningful and wroth reading. Thing is that I don't have the time to sit and brainstorm stuff to write and continue those novels. So, I guess 2/3 years of hiatus is too much. Everytime I try to keep writing I have to read everything from the begining so I actually know what I was thinking and what I wanted to write back then.
That is to say. I have one novel left. Also, the only one that's written in english. I hope I'll finish it in a couple of years after doing some research on the thing.
Something that bugs me is that I have no lack of ideas for book and novels and stories. What I don't have to the talent to write it down in an appealing way and also, the time to write down some fantastic ideas I have. (Well, the last part is just me boasting a bit.) Just a couple of days ago, when I was returning from a clinic, I just build in my mind a very original story. Well, not that original. But, actually, I have never read any novels regarding the concept I had in mind. But, whatever I was thinking, it will have to wait until I end college and find a decent job.
One day, when my english is on a more proficient level, I'm sure I will write and FINISH a novel.