13 May 2011

Give up

Sometimes I feel like everything I do, I turn out giving up on it. Two of the three novels I was writing back in High school went on hold for almost 2/3 years now. College takes alot of time, but mostly I'm just getting lazy. I don't wanna push my head to spill just some words and write it down. I want to actually write something that is interesting and meaningful and wroth reading. Thing is that I don't have the time to sit and brainstorm stuff to write and continue those novels. So, I guess 2/3 years of hiatus is too much. Everytime I try to keep writing I have to read everything from the begining so I actually know what I was thinking and what I wanted to write back then.
That is to say. I have one novel left. Also, the only one that's written in english. I hope I'll finish it in a couple of years after doing some research on the thing.
Something that bugs me is that I have no lack of ideas for book and novels and stories. What I don't have to the talent to write it down in an appealing way and also, the time to write down some fantastic ideas I have. (Well, the last part is just me boasting a bit.) Just a couple of days ago, when I was returning from a clinic, I just build in my mind a very original story. Well, not that original. But, actually, I have never read any novels regarding the concept I had in mind. But, whatever I was thinking, it will have to wait until I end college and find a decent job.
One day, when my english is on a more proficient level, I'm sure I will write and FINISH a novel.

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