16 August 2011

ant farm

Ant farms were a kind of hobby. That's the idea I had. I don't know how people keep them only inside the aquarium looking thing, but they do. I think it's sort of fascinating to have an ant farm, because, oh well, the tunnels they make are somewhat impressive.
What's more impressive is the natural ant farm I found inside my house! I hate to say it, but I don't like ants, not the slightest. The reason is because they annoy me so much getting into my house and stealing my food. It's not the first time that we found hundreds and hundreds of ants clinging onto something we were supposed to eat. The last time, was my pack of lemon cream biscuits, which wasn't suprising because I always knew ants liked sweet stuff. This time, though, they surprised me, me and my whole family.
A pack of nuts. That's where we found our ant farm this time. Not even two months ago, we sprayed ant poison around the house because the weather was very hot and every afternoon our house would be infested by thousands of small annoying ants. They are harmless, indeed, I know, but still annoying. We thought, oh well, we're going to have peace from ants for a while. But I guess not.
Ants started to appear on my desk, on the sofa and one even emerged from my computer! We searched for the source: the pack of nuts I bought two weeks ago. The ants carried these tiny bits of nut and proceeded towards the varanda, where they usually come from. But there was no trail of ants near the varanda. then, where did they come from?
Our sofa was the correct answer. Apparently they used the sponge from inside our sofa to building a small empire. wow, what builders! I can't believe we kept a natural ant farm for so long! Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to get rid of that, since I don't like ants climbing onto my body when I try to rest on the sofa.
Bye, ants. Enjoy yourselves else where, just not in my house.

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