30 August 2011

Camp Nano last days

I'm still on the run for Camp NaNoWriMo. I have 5000 words and so to write in two days. Actually, I already finished the novel. I had been rewrite scenes and adding some scenes along the road. But now, here I am. I am at this point, two days from the end without more scenes to add, and with 5k to go to break the 50k goal.
I feel so fail right now. But writing during all this month made me realize that after all I may be not suited for science? I've been feeling more and more incredibly stupid the more I learn in college. My grades went down a bit last semester. I'm starting to question myself if this is really what I wanted. Working on this novel made me realize how much happier I would be being an artist. Then again, if I want a job in which I can be not the best in what I do, art is not for me.
With the school year starting, I'm losing motivation to do anything at all. I'm confuse. I don't like to be confuse. I always knew what I wanted and worked hard for it. Now, I'm confuse. What should I really work on?
I'll leave this question for after the end of Camp NaNo and the start of the new academic year. For now, I have to focus on finding the remaining 5k. Once I'm in the competition, I will definitely go all the way till the end.

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