12 August 2011


I wonder what creativity is. Doing the camp NaNoWriMo, I do get a small taste of what creativity might be.
I'm doing my best to beat the daily word amount everyday, though I have to almost write all day long to do that. Today, for a change, I got up earlier. My parents weren't home, so it gets easier for me to write. But after two hours, I just wrote miserably 200 or so words. Sometimes, inspiration is really important. A few days ago, I went out for a bit and saw a bunch of flying pigeons. It was a very common scene, but it made me feel odd. When I sat in front of my computer when I returned home, I wrote that scene into my story. As simple as that. Inspiration comes and you just need a bit thinking to put that to use. Creativity, I find it hard to find. You take nothing and make it become something tangible.
My mind went dry one hour ago. I still feel like working on my story a bit, but I guess that's it for today. Creativity is faltering.... What can I do?

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