4 September 2011

Yet another bad day

Negative energies seem to be acumulating in the house. Frustration, anger, resignation, helplessness. Fights seem to be more and more frequent at home. I began to hate this place. I was glad several times before that I calmed down. But now, seems rather difficult not to get angry.
Things are just not going smoothly. Everyone had their own problems to solve, and together there are even more problems. Anger just keeps acumulating.
At home, we smile and joke many times. I used to think that we developped to a better family from the always serious family that left home so many times silent as a grave. Now, I don't think we are that much better. I'm starting to get the feeling that all those jokes are not heartedly felt and were only there to cover for the anger beneath. I wonder how long will this last.

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