16 October 2011

Unlucky week

Here I go complaining about my life, yet again.
This wednesday, when I had an important experiment and related hand-outs to fill in for evaluation, my group members decided to ditch me in class. Great! I had to do my work with someone else, which was not bad at all. But, on the other hand, I have to do the hand-out alone. I really have great colleagues, don't I?

Second frustrating thing is to get my name messed up. My name is considered weird in the place I live. People think it is so weird, they just want to make it even weirder. The thing is, I spotted this huge mistake on my newly requested citizenship card, in which my surname was spelled wrong. That is not the problem. The problem is that I only spotted it after a day. And given that it's weekend right now, I have to wait till monday to get this thing solved.

To add to that, my car went dead. Yesterday, I decided to rest a bit longer and not to go shopping. Today, when I finally went down the stairs to get my car, I found out it wouldn't start. It didn't sound like the battery was not charged, it sounded more like, well, like the car just refused to start up. I like that car. I can do a lot of 'bad things' to it and it would still work perfectly. Now, I guess it just decided to go on strike. I really don't get it. Why so sudden?!

Just how did I get rid of my only tiny piece of luck? I definitely had better weeks than this one.