7 December 2011

End of semester!

Finally, time for myself. The semester is nearly over, and now I only have to worry about an exam coming up in two weeks.
Funny thing is this time for myself turned out to be time sorta dedicated to a friend. It is monday morning. One of my best friends turns to me and asks, "you are going straight to your parents' on wednesday, right?" That was correct. "Then please bring a big bag because I'm going to give you a christmas gift." What? A chritsmas gift? It is acceptable yeah, but you could have told me a bit sooner no? Turns out that now, tuesday night, I'm staying awake to make a christmas gift for her. I had returned late home because of some research stuff and I still managed to finish her present. Oh my, I'm such a good friend. Haha, just kidding.
Now, truly when I wanted to enjoy some movie or something, my internet kicks me out. All right, you know what? I'm just gonna sleep. Very much needed sleep.
Bye cold strict college, hi warm soft bed.

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