1 December 2011

When leisure is too much.

Here I am. Listening to several people tell stories of everyday.
The most amazing one is an everyday bus trip. I can't be sure how much of it is actually true. After all, when telling a story a person unconsciously add some more details, exaggerate a bit.
So, this girl steps on a bus with a big bag and she would get out the next stop. But someone complained about the size od her bag and said she was in the way. She tried to explain that she would get out the next stop, but, predictably, no one heard the explanation. The bus turned into a debate centre. People talking about youth with disregard.
But honestly, just how much spare time do you have to start complaining about something you don't know? Does everyone need to have an opinion about everything? This is a talkative community, I know that much. But sometimes, it just makes me wonder, isn't this giving an opinion about everything no matter you understand the situation or not, just a way to vent out some of our internal anger or displeasure?
She also told that once she was distracted and stepped on a nearly empty bus, and someone push her to the side, because she was not the first one who got the station. Was it really necessary?
Neither situations happened to me. But I've seen the first happen many times. Isn't everyone's life just as complicated? Do we really need to hear, most of the times, unfair comments about our character? Does everyone have to have an opinion about everything? What if they turned that effort in something useful?
Criticism is needed, true. But it's not just criticism. Suggestions for how to make it better are also needed, but it takes more work to make suggestions than criticize. So, I don't see many people giving suggestions. Honestly, that's what we are in need of, that's what we are lacking now.

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