25 January 2012

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."
in «Nikita»

21 January 2012

A cat's talk

Finally exams are over. So my friends and I went for a cup of tea. There we sat and talked.
The tea house had lots of cats, most of them looked stray. But there was a black one with a collar. Me and my friends were happily chatting when the cat with a collar decided to join us. The black cat ran across the ground between the tables and stood there on a bench beside of the customers, with its eyes wide open in a stare. A moment later, it was gone again. Then, we heard it. A meow. then, again, and again, and again and again. We turned around and there they were. Two black cats. One of them, a stray was just sitting quietly, but one with the collar kept going on a continuous caterwaul. Zorro, the cat with collar that my friends named afterwards jokingly, sat and stood, aproached and back away from the unknow stray black cat for about entire 10 minutes. Our unknown cat, which a friend of mine determined was a female, was a total ice block, completely ignoring Zorro's behavior. It seemed like, we unexpectedly landed in the middle of a mating process. I mean, it is Winter, it is not eactly known as a mating season, but...
After 10 minutes of continuous caterwaul that sounded more like a baby's cry, Zorro, finally gave up. It left a few steps, and then jumped over the wall. After it left, we heard a very low piercing sound. Then we realized it was the unknown cat. It was hissing. Maybe that's why our galant Zorro finally understood he was not welcome and left.
It was a nice afternoon spent in the tea house, with an unexpected out of season show that totally made my day.
Tomorrow there is more, for I'll probably be trying to catch the sunrise, again.

11 January 2012

Tatta hitotsu no koi

"Tatta hitotsu no koi" also known as "Just one love" is a Japanese drama about the love story between an innocent college student from a wealthy family, Nao (Ayase Haruka), and a poor factory worker, Hiroto (Kamenashi Kazuya). In a way, it's a storyline that's somewhat cliché. But, while studying for my exams, I couldn't help but watch it to relieve some stress. After all, it's only 10 episodes long.
It is a very simple story about how two people from two very different social classes meet by chance and fall in love. It was the best drama I've seen in a while. It totally reminded me of the movie Koizora. The plot is fairytale like indeed, but it was moving. There are so many movies and dramas about love that I get numb, but this one in particular touched me. And the soundtrack used in the drama helped the mood a lot. I specially love the main theme "Cool whispers", it's a bit melancholic, but beautiful.
And with that, I'll be back to my studies with a bit more motivation and higher spirits.