11 January 2012

Tatta hitotsu no koi

"Tatta hitotsu no koi" also known as "Just one love" is a Japanese drama about the love story between an innocent college student from a wealthy family, Nao (Ayase Haruka), and a poor factory worker, Hiroto (Kamenashi Kazuya). In a way, it's a storyline that's somewhat cliché. But, while studying for my exams, I couldn't help but watch it to relieve some stress. After all, it's only 10 episodes long.
It is a very simple story about how two people from two very different social classes meet by chance and fall in love. It was the best drama I've seen in a while. It totally reminded me of the movie Koizora. The plot is fairytale like indeed, but it was moving. There are so many movies and dramas about love that I get numb, but this one in particular touched me. And the soundtrack used in the drama helped the mood a lot. I specially love the main theme "Cool whispers", it's a bit melancholic, but beautiful.
And with that, I'll be back to my studies with a bit more motivation and higher spirits.

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