29 February 2012


Our new faculty buildings are ready (not so ready in my opinion) to use! The thing about moving to a new faculty building is that, no matter how people give you guided tours, you never seem to manage to find you way to the right room in time. Today, I got a peek of our new theory class rooms, that are rather say, austere and maybe a bit depressing and claustrophobic. I ran into a few of my schoolmates and we went for a walk to explore our new school and the garden that was right next to it. One of the funny things that happened was that after we roundtripped the garden and was near the exit, one of us, say, M asked C, do you know what that place is? (He pointed at a white building right next to the garden, expecting to hear, that's our school.) But... here is the answer: I don't know, a nursing home? Seriously?! I mean, I prbably wouldn't recognize the building as our school yet, but a nursing home? Then what would we be? Elders?
And that wasn't yet the highlight of the day.

Among us, there was one girl that have never been to that garden. And the garden I'm refering to is Palácio de Cristal/Pavilhão Rosa Mota. She's been here as long as I am (that is about three years), maybe even longer, but she's never been to the garden?! How's that even possible?! Even I have been to that garden, me! Who only goes out when invited (and stuff...) So that's the reason why we roundtripped the garden. (I'm pretty sure that round trip doesn't exist as a verb, but whatever.) We wanted her to see the male peacocks in the garden, we got to see them nearly at the end of our trip. The cute thing is that the peacock, as pretentious as it is (like J said), lifted its tail feathers like a fan. Besides the peacock, a couple of ducklings were trying to find something under water showing their cute butts and two funny paws rowing the water.

Between the fuzz and excitement of a new school, there is also the desperation of trying to find a cheap place near our new school. I mean, why does our school has to move from the city center to the heart of city center? Apartments are SO freaking expensive! Finding a new place to stay and actually getting to stay there is revealing to be a battle. And on the battlefield stands little me agaisnt most of my colleagues. I mean, we all want to come live near the school, right? My particular case is rather difficult since I have to try find a place near the lab where I'm supposed to be doing my project, but oh well, we'll see. I'm in serious need of seven league boots.

8 February 2012

Supernatural: the French mistake

I've been watching the TV series Supernatural recently. Trying to catch up all the 7 seasons. So, today I chose the episode 15 from season 6: The French mistake, where Dean and Sam are sent to a world where they are Jensen and Jared. I have to say this episode is soooo freaking hilarious. I've only seen 10 minutes of the episode so far, but haven't stopped laughing yet.
I mean the actual concept of this episode is great. But for an actor, I wonder how is it like, to be acting as himself. Or rather, acting like the character that has to acting like the actor. Wow, that's a bit mind frying. So basically Jensen Ackles has to act as Dean, who on the other hand has to act like Jensen. And Jared has to do the same with character Sam. No wonder I like this episode so much. World inside a world. nerve cracking and mind frying, but all the more fun to watch.