8 February 2012

Supernatural: the French mistake

I've been watching the TV series Supernatural recently. Trying to catch up all the 7 seasons. So, today I chose the episode 15 from season 6: The French mistake, where Dean and Sam are sent to a world where they are Jensen and Jared. I have to say this episode is soooo freaking hilarious. I've only seen 10 minutes of the episode so far, but haven't stopped laughing yet.
I mean the actual concept of this episode is great. But for an actor, I wonder how is it like, to be acting as himself. Or rather, acting like the character that has to acting like the actor. Wow, that's a bit mind frying. So basically Jensen Ackles has to act as Dean, who on the other hand has to act like Jensen. And Jared has to do the same with character Sam. No wonder I like this episode so much. World inside a world. nerve cracking and mind frying, but all the more fun to watch.

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