29 March 2012

Cat Street

Last week, I attended some talkings in the new buildings of my faculty. Recently, I also changed to a new place. What was my suprise when on my way home at midnight, I find myself walking in the middle of what seems to be dozens of cats. Yellow, spotty, white, black, calico, there must be at least one of each kind, I think. As I walked, and looked at the cats, some looked back, some didn't give a damn. All I could think was, Wow, what a cat gathering is going on here.
But, it was not really a cat gathering, I think. The next day, I returned home a bit earlier, and half past ten or so. The street was yet again filled with cats. Not as many as the day before, but still lots of them. Maybe it wasn't time yet for the others to come join them. On the second day, I thought, I live in Cat Street! And the third day confirmed my thoughts.

Cat Street is actually the name of a manga. It tells the story of four people in a special academy and how their dreams came true, after a failure in life. In the end, it refers to a certain place in France, I think where cats gathered and one of them ordered bronze cat statues to remind them of those cats. I believe that was the idea.

So, here I am, walking in a street that in everything resembles the Cat Street, except for the part that the cats were not really on the rooftops.

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