12 April 2012

Akanishi Jin

One day, I remembered I once had an idol name Akanishi Jin. Whe I first came across this name was on the J-drama Yukan Club. He portraited Shochikubai Miroku. The character was funny, and the ending theme song was a KAT-TUN song, a band which he was a member of. I did check another of his works, Anego. I have to say, it wasn't bad. Those days, I was in a drama spree so, I saw Gokusen too.
Once I get my eyes on something, I get sort of obssessed with it for at least a while. For about four months, my idol was Akanishi Jin and I went through almost all of his work I could find on the internet.
After that, I forgot about him. Most of my obssessions are temporary. So that was just another one.

This year, what was my surprise when I got on youtube and found none other than Akanishi Jin in the USA, hitting the charts with a no.1 single. He did concerts with music that he did not release yet and they were all sold out. I knew he was a star. People do listen to foreign music, and KAT-TUN was frequently on Oricon no.1 too. It seemed a bit obvious that he would succeed in the States. But what really caught me was not the work. I don't really care. In the entertainment industry, what's good for one may very well not be good for other. What really amazed me was the fact that he worked all his way to the States. Be his work good or bad, not many people can say they managed to survive and thrive in the different environment and different rules.

I look up to him not for the looks of him or what people say of him, but for what he stands for, what he represents. The hard work, the courage and the spirit.

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