17 June 2012

Porto Book Fair 2012

First things first, Robert Muchamore finds chinese names easier to spell than portuguese names! That was unexpected for me. So, today was the first of two days book signing event in Porto Book Fair. There was a huge queue for Robert Muchamore, which is quite understandable. I mean, his books are kinda amazing. It surely is the kind of book that has the whole new concept of child spies. Not like Spy Kids, where they use all these amazing gadgets and stuff, but something more connected to the real world. When I first started reading it, it was also in a book fair. I was just walking around looking and trying to spot something interesting worth reading, like I always do at book fairs. I spotted a book having the same name of a movie I watched and liked back then. It was called The Recruit, and out of curiosity, I opened the book to see if it was the same story from the movie. It wasn't. But the concept was new and the writing style easy to read, so I told a friend of mine that that book might be one worth keeping in mind for future reading. Truth is, later that year, in the summer, I read the whole book and loved it. Back then, not many people knew about the book or the author, and I had to wait one year and a half or something like that for the second book to get translated. But, luckily for me, the books started to get more attention and translation personnel from Porto Editora seemed to be working extra hard to get the books out. I'm so glad they did so. After all, waiting to read something you look forward to, it's a bit agonizing. Moving on, I had to wait an hour in queue, but it was fun. The author was really nice and we had a very short chat. The book he signed for me today wasn't mine, it was a favor I was doing to my neighbor and best friend. But I got a picture taken with him and one of my friends. Me and that friend, who hadn't read any of his books yet, made a promise that the next, if he was to come again, that we'd go again, me with a different book, and her having read at least one of the books and bringing her own copy of a book. There were many kids were a black Cherub T-shirt. It made me smile, it was kinda funny to see so many 'accomplished agents' running around and playing. I wish they'd issue t-shirts of other colors too. I mean, I'd probably want to get an orange one or maybe a white one. Now, I'm really looking forward to read Shadow Wave and People's Republic, just hope they get translated quickly, or I'd have to get my hands on someone who has an english copy of the books.

14 June 2012

Life In A Day

It's a beautiful documentary. I cried after watching. It's one of the best movies I ever saw. Because it's real, because it's so true. We are all just people, here, there, everywhere.
We live our ordinary days and tend to fail at seeing that life itself is a miracle. The fact that we are alive, today, it's something to be grateful for.

4 June 2012


Did I ever mention seagulls around my house?
I've been living in a very nice place at the top floor in the building. The place is an attic, but ti's full of light so I like it. the only catch was that I can hear way too well the seagulls, the sparrows and the dog barks.
Here I am, complaining a bit again. Because I love those birds and I love to hear them, but when one of them suddenly decides to knock on my window non-stop for the last week, my pacience burns dry.
On saturday, I didn't even have half an hour of silence until around 10pm. And I needed to study for the upcoming exams.
Yesterday, the gull was banging on my window again. I couldn't understand why that particular seagull wouldn't fly away even when I shooed it with a newspaper in my hand. So, I found a table and climb on and looked around. I was a nest behind one of the chimneys... And three cute little gulls walkings around the roof. Damn, I have little gulls taking a walk on my roof! No wonder the big gull wouldn't go away. Happens that Wikipedia tells me that the mother or parents tend the little gulls for one or two weeks after hatching. So I don't know when it hatched, but one or two more weeks of the knocking/banging on my window will get me crazy.
Today, it started around 5.30 in the morning! I couldn't even sleep straight! When it starts banging non-stop I just wish I could have something to kill the gull. But then I start feeling bad 'cause it's just trying to protect the kids. But hey, does that gull have to be that stupid? The window doesn't attack birds. I do! And I only do because that gull attcks the window insistently. Hello?! Stop attacking the window and no one will bother the happy little family.
I just wish the little ones would grow fast and just leave. I can't possibly take two weeks of this noise and not flunk my exams. Ah, too bad I don't have camera, I sure would liked taking a picture of those cute little devils that are having their parents drive me crazy.