23 November 2012

Having Fun

In daily life, fewer and fewer people stop to look around at little things in life that makes it so amazing. Working more time doesn't mean it's more productive. I am the proof of that. If I study two hours in the morning, two in the afternoon and two more at night, I can remember way more things than if I had been studying all day long, which makes it roughly ten hours. Instead of studying in those four hours spare, I could go out and have fun. Having fun is important. The brain gets tired too. Boredom is psychological, but weariness is not. Doing sport is a great way to turn off that part of the brain we use to work or study. It's not exactly turn off, but the result is the same.
Being satisfied is a great way to motivate one to do something. Being happy is also a great way to be efficient.
This week I started to attend a language center. I was really nervous for the first session. But it turned out all well. After the session, I was totally drawn by the rain and arrived home dripping water. But, I was satisfied. Not exactly happy (I don't like being wet and cold), but satisfied. My studies didn't exactly proceed as I expected, but they went well, and I found myself more awake than usually. I realized that the hour and half I spent in the language center and the hour I took going there and coming back, for that two hours and so, I was unconnected to the world. I forgot my problems, I forgot my agenda, I forgot what I had ahead of me. I forgot everything and concentrated one hundred percent on what I was doing. And arriving home was like stepping back into the world again. I felt totally refreshed and very much motivated to study, which these days seem to be a rare event.
Me attending the language center began in my busiest week, which wasn't so convenient. But nonetheless, it was the best thing I could have done this semester. Besides, the language center has a piano that I can play! I'm so glad I now have a place I can play piano again! That alone would make all my hard work worthwhile. Now, my next task is to find time to fit piano training into my packed schedule.
I'm loving this so much I fear my school grades are going to drop. But I hope not, because I'm felling ubermotivated right now XD!

20 November 2012


It's amazing how one can do much more when they have that many things to do. The more you try to do, the more you get done. That only show how adaptive we are. Of course that has a certain limit, but in general, busy people tend to accomplish and get more things done than people who do things in their own time.
I can't consider myself a busy person since I'm writing right now. But I do have a lot of essays and presentations to finish. I have including a 25-minute presentation powerpoint to do, all on my own, because my partner decided to ignore me. Oh, well.
I did get a lot of things done this weekend, but I'm so exhausted I can feel my brain slowing down. I'm in some serious need of sleep. I hope I get to finish everything I have to do on wednesday, because otherwise, things will probably not end well for me.
Let me see, tomorrow I have presentation to finish, begin another one and read 3 articles. Sounds good. Oh, and a report to complete. I'll be very optimistic and believe that I'll be able to accomplish all that.

18 November 2012


Gravity was what made Newton's apple fall. Gravity is what pulls thing down, pulls things together. Living on Earth, one is expected to fall. Falling is inevitable... or not. Metaphorically saying, if you screw up in life, you are destined to fall. And I have to say it is absolutely unbelievable how low and deep one can fall, there's just no end to it. Once you begin, it's a spiral downwards deeper and deeper, no deepest. I have to admit, I started spiraling down five years ago when I quit music. It was the best thing I did, for one year. The next year, I could tell, something was wrong. Now, I clearly know I need to change, but it's not easy. Just like gravity pulls down, and it's easier to walk downstairs than up. In life, it's way easier to fall than to get up again. Difficult, but not impossible, that's what actually matters. It's all good as long as there is a way around.

I've been struggling and trying to find my way back. Not exactly back, because what's done can't be undone and what past has past forever. I had my issues and relapses, until today. I met my best friend. We had dinner with a bunch of acquaintances and had a really long talk afterwards. We talked about the actualities, school and other stuff. We talked about people wouldn't move forward, who would complain but do nothing. And what she said next made me feel guilty. She said, she was becoming like that. She said she was changing a bit towards that. And I realized, how much of an influence one can exert on another. I've considered her my best friend and confidant for nine years. To other people, I have always been a big sister to her. To me, I just felt I had someone with common interests to talk with. Today, I came to realize, how I was influencing her and how bad an example I was making. 'Do what I say, don't do what I do'? That's bull. I can't complain about other people. I'm spiraling downwards myself. Maybe I should look more into myself instead of looking at others. I should also look up instead of looking down. Looking down is not good. it's just a self-condescending position you take when you want to find excuses for not doing things. If you think, I can do better than him, you are wrong. What you should be thinking is, I can't do better than him. If you look down, you are bound to go down. Eyes are there to guide people. You tend to go where you are looking at. So,
Look up!
Everyone is entitled to do that. Everyone has the ability to do that. But it's not everyone that has the will to do it. That, is what makes the difference. Up we go. Today, I AM NOT LOOKING DOWN.

16 November 2012

Rocket science

here I am, 8AM in the morning again. I'm doing some final checks on my essay on Nanodiagnostics and Nanotherapeutics. When people hear Nano, they think, oh science and technology and all kinds of fascinating but incomprehensible things. But then, when you get to really know what nanotechnology is, you get to say, it's simpler than I thought. It's not rocket science. Indeed it's not it just needs a lot of patience, calm and perseverance, which is something I don't have right now. I spent an entire 12 hours this week to write half of my essay, another 3 hours last week I spent brooding over how write stuff down. Plus nearly an hour a day for the entire week to search for part to assemble on my design.
The aim of the essay was to assemble a nanoparticle that contains an antitumoral agent to target brain tumors. Lack of ideas is definitely not my problem, because I have this very very flamboyant kind of imagination. I like to make things very complicated, and very simple and engineered at the same time, but the problem is, to what extent that is applicable. I thought of many things, research on each and every one of them, discarded so many I can't seriously remember all. If I had a few more days, maybe I could come with another brilliant idea, but I think that's enough. Finally, yesterday midnight, I got to finish my essay. After long hours of working on this, I can say I'm finally done.
It's mid November! I'm proud I'm finally done with one of my assignments. Next three weeks and going to be seriously hard to get by. Lots of oral presentations, projects and above all, lab exams are coming. My research project on biochemistry is not going well. I just screwed the second experiment of the year. I hate when things don't go not the least as planned. But let's focus on what's done, not on what's to be done. One step and a time, and we will walk out of this freakish semester! XD

12 November 2012

Rocket in the sky

8AM in the morning and I've already seen something to light my day. Well, other than the amazing sunshine, which of course always rises my spirits. I wish I had my camera with me. I was just sitting here trying to study when I heard this sound a lot like a rocket lauching. I look up, and there is something up high in the sky leaving two straight white trails. I was pretty sure it was an aircraft, but it sure didn't look like so. Its cruising speed was amazing so, to me, if that was an aircraft, either it was running (in this case flying) really late or it was military grade. The bright white trail seemed to gleam. It was particularly funny because there were so few clouds this morning, so the origin of that trail, I thought, must be the aircraft itself.
Then again, I look up and watch the clouds with a bit more attention than last time. I just happened to see one looking like a huge bird, opening the wings, to fly or maybe to scare a foe. Was the foe the aircraft that invaded his sky? I wonder.
It's the begining of a new day. And maybe the skies foretell me that this is going to be a fun day.



Zombie plague attacks

The vampire reign is ending and a new era begins. After the vampire empire dominating the book and cinema market, the zombie plague begins! Today, I saw a trailer for the theatrical adaptation of the very famous "warm bodies". I once read a book critic say that they were turning traditional horror stories in romances. Some were delighted, some were not so much. I have to say, however it turns out, it's always worth a try before judging the thing. I did read Twilight and I did actually like it. I didn't love it, but it was a good book. I sure would love to read warm bodies too. Right now, I just don't have that much time, but I'll definitely try my best to read the book before setting my foot on the theatres. I laughed so much with the trailer. Even though thinking about a zombie falling in love sure is strange, the fairytale itself seems really nice to me. Even though it's not much, the funny trailer really made my day. That and the amazing sun shine.

10 November 2012


Today I walked by my high school. I was returning home and had to walk a different route. I have passed that street several times, but never during the academic year. I haven't really been to my high school since I graduated. The year next to that, my high school went through some construction and remodeling and is now renewed. But I never got to see how it was inside. I never seem to be around enough time to have a visit. Today, at 6 pm, I walked by that familiar street again. Many students were standing outside talking, waiting for their parents to come and pick them up or just enjoying some time after class. The unfamiliar faces reminded me of my high school times when I used to be the one standing there, among others talking and waiting for my friends to walk home with me. As I got nearer the main gate, I saw someone sitting there playing the guitar. The sound of music brings back memories. Memories of a time I hurried around just to be in time for my music lessons. Old times go, new times come. Today, I hurry around all the day just to stay on track of my little life. Just a piece of unknown music and a familiar sight totally made my day. It was great to bring up some memories, but memories are still just memories and it isn't great to dwell too much on them. So, tomorrow, let it come, new day, new fight and new fun!

9 November 2012

If I die young


Today was overall a depressing day for little me. Reason? Simple. Rain. I can't help but feel depressed when it's raining. It's not about the gray color of the sky, it's just the water, and some times, the cold.
In the afternoon, during the rare occasion that sun decided to show up, I went shopping. Distracted I was, until I walked by a park. A rainbow drew across the trees and buildings. It was the most well defined perfect rainbow I've seen in years. It was beautiful. And that was the best thing that happened to me today.
Arriving home, I wished I could make myself cry. I was in the mood of making myself cry, but not of sadness. I wished something would make me feel so glad I'm alive that I tear up. Unfortunately, I didn't find it today. Sometimes, something as simple as a pop song could make cry over and over again. A few days ago, I hear Mine, by Taylor Swift. A simple, soft beat song, but I felt moved and touched. It somehow made me feel that even when we see things gray, they may not be so. There is still hope in the chaos.
My wish didn't come true today. Well, gladly, I still have tomorrow.

7 November 2012

Behind smiles

Walking down the street, I see, people everywhere. Once before I heard people say you can't be more alone in the middle of a crowd. It's true. Here goes little me today, walking through the streets and alleys of this busy city, entertained with my own thoughts. Suddenly I notice that it's a sunny day, among lots of rainy and depressing days. And thus, all my thoughts were kicked a thousand miles away. I started looking around, observing, searching for some small insignificant thing to lighten my day.
Suddenly, a sight drew my mind to a few minutes ago. What I saw was a person smiling as a greeting to another. That simple. what it did was that it flashed my mind to a few minutes ago when I was doing exactly the same thing to a friend of mine, despite my mind being full of worries. Behind the smiles of everyone around, there may be something else going on. Everyone has their own share of problems. World is not fair, no. But everyone, but a fool, has their own share of things to worry about and brood over. Although, everyone has problems to deal with, it is also true that a smile can do a lot of things. A smile lightens the mood. A smile brings warmth. A smile hides the problem underneath. And maybe, with a lot of smiles, the worries won't make one frown so much. Worry and stress is bad for the health, a smile is not. A smile brings positive emotions, and lots of smiles will end up influencing the general mood.
Today, the best little thing that happened to me was to realize that, a smile on a person doesn't mean that they're doing great in life, but even though they have issues to deal with, they keep smiling.
Smile to me, smile to the world, smile to life.